Arrowverse: Elseworlds Features An Unexpected Smallville Connection

The latest Arrowverse crossover event, titled "Elseworlds," is currently in the midst of shooting, and we've recently been literally swarmed with set pictures hinting at not only the scope of this latest superhero extravaganza, but also the rather unexpected twists that will unfold in the three-part event. From Superman in a black version of his costume to Barry Allen and Stephen Amell assuming the identities of the Trigger Twins and Green Arrow and The Flash swapping superhero identities, there seems to be a whole lot of different threads unfolding in "Elseworlds."

And if all that weren't enough, yesterday brought our first official look at Grimm actress Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, who was pictured alongside Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent and Melissa Benoist Kara Danvers on what appeared to be a classic location from the Superman mythos, the Kent farm.

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More pictures later surfaced, revealing that Amell and Gustin were both also on the set of Clark Kent's Kansas homestead. And now, it appears we have confirmation that this location is, in and of itself, a bit of a crossover with the fan-favorite teen Superman series, Smallville.

In fact, it was confirmed on Twitter that, if the location seems familiar to fans, it's because it is the exact same farmhouse that was featured in the Tom Welling-starring series.

Does this mean that the Arrowverse will finally be crossing over with Smallville, something that fans have been hoping for for a long time? Probably not. But it's still interesting to note that the Smallville Kent house itself is so iconic that there was no need to find another to replace it.

Whatever is going on in "Elseworlds," it should be an unexpected treat for fans to see the full breadth of the Arrowverse superheroes, from Green Arrow and The Flash to Supergirl, pay visit to such an iconic location.

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DCTV returns to The CW this fall with The Flash leading the charge on Tuesday, October 9 with its Season 5 premiere at 8 PM ET/PT, followed by Season 2 of Black Lightning at 9 PM. Supergirl will follow the next week on Sunday, October 14 at 8 PM, with Arrow the next day on Monday, October 15 at 8 PM. Finally, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, October 22 at 9 PM. The highly-anticipated “Elseworlds” crossover will air over three nights, from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11.

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