The Elseworlds Crossover May Hinge On One DC Comics Artifact

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Next week, the eagerly anticipated Arrowverse crossover, "Elseworlds," debuts on The CW, with the heroes of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl discovering their realities have been rewritten by an unknown force. The latest promo for this year's upcoming DCTV crossover provided the most expansive look at the story yet, with what appears to be the Monitor approaching Jeremy Davies' mysterious Doctor John Deegan with the promise of "godhood."

Coupled with the revelation that this incarnation of the classic DC Comics omnipotent being may have taken a villainous turn is a mysterious object that the Monitor hands to Davies' character, capable of reshaping all of the DCTV Multiverse to his will. Appearing as an ancient tome, the reality-altering artifact was previously seen in leaked set photos while the crossover filmed in Vancouver last month. The set photos revealed the various DCTV superheroes, including John Wesley Shipp's '90s Flash, facing off against a black-suited Superman who was ominously reading from the aged text.

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Given that the book was initially seen in the possession of an alternate incarnation of Superman, there was speculation that the object was the Book of Rao. An ancient Kryptonian holy writ, the book could have fueled a darkly evangelistic mission for the evil version of Superman. However, the Book of Rao traditionally lacks the reality-altering power that seems to come from the crossover's artifact, and the leaked text does not resemble the Kryptonian written language previously seen in Supergirl. Rather, the set photos reveal a font that bears a striking resemblance to the unknown language Barry Allen was seen compulsively writing in Season 4 of The Flash after his time trapped within the Speed Force.

Given the Speed Force's extra-dimensional nature, Barry may have caught a glimpse of something outside of conventional comprehension in his months inside the alternate dimension, something that may share a background with Elseworld's mysterious book. And it may be linked to another artifact from deep in DC Comics' extensive lore, created by none other than prolific comic book visionary Jack Kirby.

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