15 Mind-Blowing Arrowverse Easter Eggs That Lead Nowhere

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Thus far, The CW’s Arrowverse has done well in bringing to life beloved heroes and villains. In addition, famous DC locales have been depicted on the small screen as well. Obviously, there are some characters and places that continue to be off limits to the shows, which is relatively baffling when considering last year’s introduction of Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel. While this conundrum continues to mystify, we are left wondering if any of the other popular easter eggs in the franchise will someday pay off in a manner similar to Superman’s debut in Supergirl’s sophomore season.

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There are easter eggs that pop up so frequently it’s a wonder they have not been implemented in a firmer fashion. Teases of this nature recur in more than one of the shows, but are never explored beyond a subtle mention. Other easter eggs, however, have only received a cursory nod or so, but still pervade the dreams of fans that hope these teases will officially earn inclusion into the Arrowverse. In the following list, we will acknowledge some such easter eggs, examining their placement in Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow and lamenting the unfortunate realization that they have yet to lead anywhere worthwhile.

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While it’s never explicitly called the Hall of Justice, the hangar the Arrowverse team uses as their base of operations in the "Invasion!" crossover is certainly fit to be deemed as such. Barry tells a curious Thea he inherited the hall from Eobard Thawne’s Harrison Wells, and from then on out the audience is treated with several shots of the hangar’s Hall of Justice-designed exterior. Following the crossover, however, the hall is never discussed again.

With the next massive crossover on the horizon, “Crisis on Earth-X,” the unnamed hall is bound to be utilized once more. Perhaps this time Cisco will take some initiative and do what he does best -- name things. And maybe, just maybe, the interior will be decorated to look emblematic of a super-team’s home base.


justice league

The Central City Police Department on The Flash bears one of the most visually appealing Arrowverse easter eggs. On one of the walls in the precinct rests a large, golden mural. The mural depicts seven figures with the words “Truth. Liberty. Justice” positioned below them. Each of the seven epitomizes a member of the Justice League, standing in for seven Greek Gods. As production designer Tyler Harron has previously explained, Batman embodies Hades, Superman represents Zeus, Wonder Woman stands-in for Hera, Flash is Hermes, Green Arrow is Apollo, Green Lantern symbolizes Hephaestus, and Aquaman is emblematic of Poseidon.

As far as anyone is aware, aside from the Justice Society of America, there exists no other superhero team in the Arrowverse. Thus, this tease, beautiful as it appears, is solely a tease. Maybe that will change as the Arrowverse heroes continue to reunite for crossovers each year.


Arrowverse The Flash Batman

The Arrowverse cannot get enough of the Bruce Wayne/Batman teases. He’s been alluded to in each show at least once, barring Legends of Tomorrow or so it seems. Until recently, the Bat-fueled easter eggs from Arrow were indirect, since mentions of characters like Oracle and Harley Quinn could only entail Batman’s being active in this version of the DC canon. Oliver’s name-dropping Bruce Wayne in season six only further cements the vigilante’s existence.

A hint from The Flash consists of the season one newspaper from the future referencing a merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Inc., which could mean nothing now as the Queen name is no longer attached to a conglomerate. Supergirl’s home to more interesting easter eggs involving the Bat. Chief among them is Kara’s denouncing vigilantes based on stories she’s heard from Superman who worked with one bearing “tons of gadgets, lots of demons.”


People have either forgotten or never realized that Supergirl teased the Main Man in the back half of its first season. The hint was so subtly written into the episode “Truth, Justice and the American Way” that it’s no wonder Lobo is neglected when fans discuss their favorite Arrowverse easter eggs.

In the episode, aliens previously imprisoned on Fort Rozz are being murdered by an unnamed killer. Before the DEO is able to determine the identity of the vigilante, later revealed to be a former Fort Rozz guard -- Master Jailer, J’onn and Alex ponder the possibilities. One theory has the Martian reflecting on space-faring bounty hunters, leading Alex to worriedly question, “you don’t think…” J’onn’s response is a simple, yet telling, “no, if it was him, we’d know about it.” Why Lobo hasn’t appeared on Supergirl is a mystery that will hopefully be rectified.


Flash Museum

As The Flash travels back in time to save his mother in season one’s finale, his journey through the Speed Force presents the audience with an intriguing look into the future. One notable tease shows off The Flash Museum with a golden statue of the Speedster sitting front and center. Season two’s premiere intimates the museum becoming a reality when a day of celebration is held for the hero and he’s given a key to Central City.

The museum receives yet another intimation in season three as HR plans to open S.T.A.R. Labs to the public, which is also regrettably explored minimally. With this track record, The Flash Museum is bound to be featured as an easter egg in season four. It would be nice if the teasing were to finally pay off, though. There are enough victories in Team Flash’s repertoire to warrant the honor.



To be fair, there is still time for General Zod to be featured on Supergirl in a compelling fashion, even though his debut during the season two finale is admittedly disappointing. The general appears as a hallucination to Superman aboard the Daxamite ship, a side effect of Rhea having previously subjected the Man of Steel to Silver Kryptonite. During his fight against the general, wherein he’s unknowingly battling Supergirl, Superman notes that he’s already defeated Zod once. However, the circumstances of their history remains unstated.

At any rate, the hero is said to have spared the villain’s life; therefore, there is at least a chance of General Zod actually appearing on the show. Interestingly, Zod fails to garner mention beyond the hallucination, unlike Lex Luthor who is continuously referenced.



Harley Quinn has appeared in but one episode throughout the Arrowverse’s nearly six year history, Arrow’s “Suicide Squad” in the show’s second run. During the episode, she’s heard addressing the Squad as they head out for their first official mission. As the story goes, the franchise’s brain trust had big plans for both Harley and Task Force X, but were halted by the development of the film.

Consequently, the deranged former psychiatrist hasn’t made an appearance since, and has only been recalled once by an indirect reference from John Diggle. Unfortunately, the likelihood of her ever getting even a similar scene as the one featured in Arrow season two continues to wane. But another oblique nod to the character’s existence in the Arrowverse does not seem too farfetched.


wonder woman arrowverse

The Amazonian princess has had two easter eggs in the Arrowverse, one of which is recent. During The Flash’s Earth-2 ventures in season two, that Earth’s Barry is shown to have a few well known DC heroes on speed dial. One such hero is Diana aka Wonder Woman. Considering Earth-2 Barry lacks a connection to the Speed Force, it’s possible the heroes listed in his contacts aren’t crimefighters either.

Legends of Tomorrow has most recently dropped a continuity bomb, confirming the existence of the Amazons, and possibly Wonder Woman as well by proxy. During the episode entitled “Helen Hunt,” the Legends are tasked with returning Helen of Troy to Ancient Greece. Because she fervently pleads to not be taken to her war-riddled homeland, the Legends drop her off on Themyscira in 1253 BC. It’s a reveal rivaling J’onn J’onzz’s unmasking in Supergirl season one.



Oracle easter eggs are few and far between, but her existence in the Arrowverse is essentially confirmed. Following Felicity’s being shot and subsequently paralyzed in Arrow’s fourth outing, Oliver decides to give his then fiancée a codename for her vigilante efforts. He ultimately christens the tech-specialist as Overwatch, a fitting name considering her position on Team Arrow. Yet, the Emerald Archer reveals he had another title in mind before discovering the mantle is already “taken” -- Oracle.

Another recent tease doesn’t offer much in the way of details about the character’s presence in the Arrowverse, yet it’s still an interesting easter egg. As Felicity workshops titles for her and Curtis’ impending business venture, a white board is shown with a list of possibilities. Oracle is the only name legible on the board. Will the real Oracle ever appear on Arrow? It’s unlikely, but, as fans keep learning, anything’s possible.


Lex Luthor

After Metallo springs Lillian and Lena Luthor from jail, Supergirl season two debuts a shocking piece of tech into the Arrowverse, Lex Luthor’s warsuit. The armor is tightly sealed inside of a vault in the “Luthors” episode, shown as Lillian speaks fondly of how Lex used the high-tech suit to battle Superman once. Admittedly, there is not much context given in regards to the suit’s construction and its usage beyond the brief scene.

Excepting flashbacks where he is seen as a child, Lex Luthor himself has yet to appear on the show. While the debut of his most famous piece of equipment is a nice touch, the character’s absence is still felt whenever he receives mention, which is fairly frequent. Besides, who doesn’t want to see how Supergirl’s iteration of Lex and Lena interact with one another?



In the fourth episode of Supergirl’s sophomore effort, “Survivors,” the show drops what could be considered one of the Arrowverse’s most incredible easter eggs. After losing to a combatant named Draaga in Roulette’s underground alien fight club, Supergirl gets a tip from Mon-El about how best to defeat the superior fighter. Apparently, Mon-El knows Draaga from Warworld, where the enemy combatant participated in Mongul’s death matches on the planet. An additional note about the planet is Superman’s having traveled there once, no doubt to put an end to whatever nefarious deeds Warworld’s ruler, Mongul, was planning.

Of course, such teases seemingly open the door for both Warworld and Mongul to appear in the Arrowverse. Thus far, Supergirl’s otherworldly ventures have taken audiences to Mars, Krypton and Daxam (in flashbacks). Who’s to say the warring planet won’t one day be explored as well?


ferris air

It’s hard to keep track of the number of times Ferris Air has been talked about or seen in the Arrowverse. Of course, each time incites hope of a Green Lantern tease. However, only one time has ever such an easter egg emerged. According to a reveal early in The Flash’s first season, one of the Airlines’ testing facilities in Central City was shuttered after an incident wherein a test pilot went missing. Details on the identity of said test pilot and whether or not he ever returned remain one of the Arrowverse’s more subtly introduced mysteries.

With recent direct references to both Bruce Wayne and Themyscira, few would be surprised if a similar nod were to be given to either a specific Lantern or the Corps in general. A Lantern’s potential of ever appearing in live action on the small screen, excepting Smallville’s brief tease, still seems incredibly unlikely, though.



Kord Industries is frequently seen and alluded to in the Arrowverse. The conglomerate’s CEO, Ted Kord, though? Not so much. Ted’s name has only been directly referenced once (Arrow season one). Given the Kord Industries’ repeated inclusion across both Arrow and The Flash, it’s surprising more hasn’t been discussed of him. Unfortunately, nothing has ever been noted of his alter ego Blue Beetle either. But that doesn’t mean the Arrowverse will fail to formally introduce Ted or the alien technology he historically wields.

It’s worth recalling that Blue Beetle didn’t appear in Smallville until season ten, and it wasn’t Ted Kord donning the Scarab -- the honor instead went to Jaime Reyes. Perhaps a similar plan is in place for the Arrowverse. Not introducing either of them in some capacity down the line seems like an opportunity The CW’s superhero slate wouldn’t want to abandon if given the chance.


Birds of Prey

The entry of Anthony Ivo into Arrow season two remains one of the show’s premiere accomplishments. He was familiar yet wildly disparate from his comic book counterpart and it worked well within the context of the show. While differences in terms of his intentions were perfect for storytelling purposes, the absence of what Ivo could have accomplished if he’d been more comic-accurate is still relatively disappointing. The frontrunner of this disappointment is Amazo.

On Arrow, Amazo is the name of Ivo’s ship that sails in search of Mirakuru -- the drug he believes is capable of curing his wife’s mental illness. In the comics, Amazo is a Professor Ivo-created android capable of replicating the power of meta-humans by simply having physical contact with them. With no tease of the android or any of Ivo’s other potential experiments, Amazo’s debut seems little more than a pipe dream.


Impulse Bart Allen

Barry Allen’s grandson, Bart (Speedster alias Impulse), has yet to be explicitly teased in the Arrowverse. However, there are a couple of nods to the character that certainly cannot be considered coincidences. In the Arrowverse’s first crossover, during the Arrow episode “The Brave and the Bold,” Quentin Lance mistakenly refers to Barry as Bart. Yes, the latter is often used as a nickname for Bartholomew, but this particular easter egg seems deliberate.

Bart’s second indirect reference takes form thanks to the year in which future Barry sends Rip Hunter a message in Legends of Tomorrow -- the year is 2056. In Young Justice, 2056 is the year Bart Allen/Impulse races from the future to 2016. Truthfully, it would be more surprising if Bart never appeared on The Flash or Legends. With wedding bells nearing for Barry and Iris, talks of children probably aren’t too far off.

Which of these easter eggs would you like to see more of? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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