The Arrowverse: Who are DC TV's Best Superhero Couples?

Arrow Oliver and Felicity

While the superheroes of the Arrowverse have been busy saving the day for years, they still find plenty of time for romance and to quietly build families of their own in between all the Earth-shattering action. Each of various DC TV series' respective protagonists have had major romantic relationships, with some settling into domestic bliss with a committed partner.

As the Arrowverse prepares for the end of Arrow and to face a cataclysmic shake-up by next month's "Crisis on Infinite Earths," here is a look at the biggest romances in the shared television universe.

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Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Upon his return to Starling City at the start of Arrow, Oliver Queen had fallen back a bit into his playboy ways, hooking up with several young women while balancing his fledgling superhero career as the Emerald Archer. Queen Consolidated tech whiz Felicity Smoak stumbled into Oliver's life during the first season, discovering the truth behind his alter ego and providing him with support usually from afar.

After working together for years, Oliver and Felicity started to develop romantic feelings for another, fueled by them posing as a couple to fool Deathstroke and later when Ray Palmer began dating Felicity. Eventually, the two would begin a full-fledged romantic relationship, with Felicity impulsively marrying Oliver after witnessing their friends Barry Allen and Iris West marry. The two had a child named Mia Smoak together in secret, with Felicity departing Star City for good to take care of her while Oliver began a mission with the Monitor to defend DC's TV Multiverse.

Barry Allen and Iris West

Following the murder of Barry's mother by the Reverse-Flash and his father imprisoned falsely for the crime, Barry was adopted by police officer Joe West, who had a daughter that was Barry's age named Iris. Despite being raised as siblings, Barry fell in love with Iris, though did not pursue his feelings for her until she began dating new Central City police detective Eddie Thawne.

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After Eddie's heroic sacrifice to eliminate his future descendant Eobard, Barry and Iris finally begin their own romantic relationship in interest as Barry continues to protect the city in his superhero persona the Flash. The two eventually become engaged after an encounter with the Music Meister, marrying soon thereafter. Later, the two are visited by their time-displaced daughter Nora for a time.

Kara Danvers and Mon-El

Supergirl Kara Mon-El

Long before the destruction of Krypton, Kryptonians were bitter rivals with Daxamites, an extraterrestrial race that had similar powers when exposed to the radiation of a yellow sun. This bias continued for Supergirl after she discovered a crashed Daxamite ship on Earth containing its Prince Mon-El.

Despite starting as cultural rivals, Mon-El and Kara Danvers developed feelings for one another as she trained him to use his powers for good. The two entered a serious romantic relationship though this was abruptly interrupted by Mon-El's mother leading a Daxamite invasion force on Earth after murdering his father. Mon-El led an effort to make the planet toxic for Daxamites to stem the invasion before accidentally teleporting to the 31st century where he eventually joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and married fellow Legionnaire Imra.

Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe


Upon her resurrection as the White Canary, Sara Lance joined the Legends of Tomorrow, a group of misfit heroes and villains recruited by time-traveler Rip Hunter to avert an apocalyptic future before using his time-traveling vessel the Waverunner to maintain the integrity of the space-time continuum. Sara gained a string of romantic partners over the team's initial history, including Kara's adopted sister Alex and John Constantine, before turning her affections to Ava Sharpe.

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Ava headed the Time Bureau, a secret government agency that was established to protect the space-time continuum after tampering caused by the Legends, which lead to an initially frosty dynamic between Ava and Sara. Eventually, the two would give into to their mutual romantic tension, with Sara living with Ava in Washington, D.C. whenever she wasn't navigating space and time to preserve it.

Wally West and Jesse Quick

While visiting Central City from her home on Earth-2, Jesse Chambers Wells and Wally West were accidentally caught in an attempt to replicate the incident that gave Barry his powers through an exploding particle accelerator. After both were bathed in dark matter energy, the two would gain access to the Speed Force and become their own speedster superheroes alongside the Flash, taking on the monikers Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, respectively.

The two young heroes would form their own romantic relationship shortly thereafter though attempts to keep it going despite being from separate universes would lead to Jesse dumping Wally.

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