Arrowverse Crossover Heads to Chicago For Gotham City Scenes

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The Arrowverse's upcoming crossover event, titled "Elseworlds," promises to be the wildest one yet. Not only will Tyler Hoechlin appear as Superman in all three episodes, the actor also seems poised to be featured as the main villain of the event as an evil version of Superman. But that's not all.

"Elseworlds" is also set to feature the debut of Lois Lane, a special appearance by John Wesley Shipp's Flash from the actor's old 1990 television series, as well as the arrival of the powerful alien known as the Monitor, who will have an important role to play in the crossover. And, outside of all that, you might have forgotten that Ruby Rose will be introduced as Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, before potentially being spun off into her own solo series.

For the past few weeks, the Arrowverse cast and crew have been hard at work filming "Elseworlds," with many set photos surfacing from the shoot. We've seen Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin as the Trigger Twins, Superman and Supergirl fighting side-by-side and even the first team-up between Batwoman and the Girl of Steel. Now, as filming continues, we have even more news about the crossover event: production has moved to Chicago, where the city will stand-in for Gotham City.

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The news came courtesy of producer and former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggengeim, who shared a couple of pictures from the "Elseworlds" set in Chicago. "If you can’t bring Wayne Enterprises to Vancouver, you bring Vancouver to Wayne Enterprises," the caption accompanying the pictures read.

This move is noteworthy considering that, so far, all of the Arrowverse shows have been filming in Vancouver. With Chicago playing the role of Gotham City, it's become clear that the iconic home of Batman will have an identity of its own on television, one that sets it apart from the likes of Star City, Central City and National City.

This will not be the first time that Chicago stands in for Gotham City. As fans might recall, director Christopher Nolan shot his fan-favorite film The Dark Knight in the Windy City, where the real life metropolis doubled as the home of Bruce Wayne. Whether this means the potential Batwoman television series, should it get picked up, would film in Chicago instead of Vancouver remains to be seen.

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This year's Arrowverse crossover event will involve the casts of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. The event will unfold over three nights, starting with a special episode of The Flash on Sunday Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, to conclude on Dec. 11.

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