How Crisis On Earth-X Became the Arrowverse's Best Crossover Yet

Crisis On Earth-X didn't stop there, though; it reintroduced actors and characters who we had already been acquainted with (such as Wentworth Miller as Captain, err, Citizen Cold) and managed to introduce a brand new character in The Ray, a gay superhero who has his own animated show in development for CW Seed, and who joins forces with the team after they meet in a concentration camp to take down the Nazis for good.

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It wasn't just the Arrowverse's superheroes that we saw in a different light; characters such as Quentin Lance and Winn Schott were given a villainous twist, allowing Paul Blackthorne and Jeremy Jordan to show off their acting chops in a very different way from what we're used to seeing. It worked on many levels, but the winning cameo was from a character that died all the way back in Arrow Season 1. Tommy Merlyn, Thea's brother and Oliver's best friend, was revealed to be Prometheus on the evil Earth-X, which gives Oliver somewhat of a reunion and a couple of fascinating character moments. It was a big shock to see Colin Donnell unmasked as the villain, especially as he was at the center of numerous fan theories when the Earh-1 incarnation of Prometheus showed up on Arrow's fifth season.


This year's crossover also delivered a truckload of drama. Barry and Iris are rudely interrupted just before they marry, Felicity turns down Oliver's marriage proposal in the first episode (and ends up saying yes in the last), and Professor Victor Stein sadly perished. The reason for the Nazis' invasion provided even more drama, with Overgirl dying and therefor needing Supergirl's heart to save herself, presenting Kara and the crew with a big choice to make: Does she sacrifice herself to save an Earth she doesn't even live on, or do they try and fight their way out of the problem? This dilemma is gripping from the get-go, despite the fact that Benoist still has a show to star on, so the crossover makes the more obvious choice. And yet, somehow, that doesn't really detract from the story's overall tension.

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To really seal the deal as a top-tier crossover, Crisis On Earth-X truly felt like a comic book that had come to life onscreen. There's goofy humor, great action, engaging character interaction and plenty of references and callbacks to things that have happened in the pages of DC Comics many titles. The fight choreography was top-notch for a television production, and The CW didn't skimp out on visual effects, even if it couldn't quite live up to what we see in Hollywood blockbusters. The series' understand that it's not a big budget that makes these types of event work, it's the entertaining character moments.

Of course, this year's crossover benefited from viewers getting to know the main cast over a number of years. They didn't have to fill the script with tons of exposition to lay the storyline's groundwork. Instead, the script focused on delivering crowd-pleasing moments that are sure to be remembered for years to come. Crisis On Earth-X is sure to affect the individual series moving forward, too, which makes it even more worthwhile and gives it more impact. Developments such as Stein's death, the possible introduction of Barry and Iris' daughter and an immense double-wedding are bound to be explored across future episodes, and potentially seasons, of every show in the Arrowverse.

All-in-all, Crisis On Earth-X is one of the best live-action superhero crossover events we've ever seen, and is certainly the best that The CW has delivered (so far).

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