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Crisis On Earth-X Versus Justice League: Which Was Better?

by  in CBR Exclusives Comment
Crisis On Earth-X Versus Justice League: Which Was Better?

Better: The Romance Factor

“Earth-X” gave us a lot of well-crafted romance with quite a bit of diversity. From the loving unions of Oliver and Felicity, and Barry and Iris, you really felt the heart of the event. Then there was the clever handling of gay relationships with White Canary and Alex, and Earth-X’s Citizen Cold and the Ray to spice things up.

Justice League, though, fails on this end, barely giving us screen-time with Lois and Superman, flopping at making Bruce and Diana’s flirting believable, and botching the chemistry between Aquaman and Mera, basing the movie’s romance on more style than substance.

Worse: The Cheese Factor

“Earth-X” kept harping on the typical annoying CW-esque jokes, and took it a step further with some gratuitous superhero shots. The standoff moment with the heroes felt like a rip off from the MCU’s Captain America: Civil War. When Oliver turned to the camera with his mask, and Kara opened her blouse to reveal her ‘S?’ Way more cringeworthy than cool.

Justice League had quite a few annoying moments with the Flash, Batman and Aquaman trying hard to inject humor, which may have been down to Joss Whedon finishing the film, but still, it didn’t overdo the cheese factor.

Better: Dealing With Death

In “Earth-X”, death hit home pretty hard. In order for Earth-1’s heroes to get back from Earth-X, they needed a gateway under Nazi watch, which cost them the life of Professor Stein. Even when Overgirl and her lover, Dark Arrow, died, they were so evil, it was worth it.

Justice League, however, didn’t even have any significant deaths, stopping short of killing Cyborg’s dad or Wonder Woman’s mother, which could have been big emotional moments. The writers didn’t even kill off Steppenwolf, who tried to destroy the Earth! It seems death in the DCEU ended with Superman.

Worse: A Villainous Reprieve

“Earth-X” killed off Dark Arrow and Overgirl. Meanwhile, Barry had the chance to put Reverse-Flash down, yet for some reason, he let him go. We’re not sure why he did that, especially after he killed Barry’s mother, and caused the speedster so much pain.

Snyder’s League had their chance to kill Steppenwolf but when he was teleported back, Parademons were eating him alive. So even if he lives, Darkseid will probably reward his failure with death, which means he won’t be as fresh and healthy as Reverse-Flash when he comes back for Barry.

Better: The Overall Plot

“Earth-X” was pretty straightforward: Overgirl wanted to kidnap Kara, use red-sun technology to weaken her and take her heart, in order to live. It was made all the easier with her Nazi legion, Reverse-Flash as her doctor, and a brilliant leader like Dark Arrow.

In terms of its plot, Justice League is much weaker, vague and convoluted. It’s ridiculous that Steppenwolf waited all this time to come for his Mother Boxes, giving Batman time to build a team. Also, the terraforming plot was a rip-off from Man of Steel, and we’re still not sure what Steppenwolf’s end-game was as Darkseid’s general.

Worse: Made A Kid Out Of Flash

“Earth-X” shaped Wally aka Kid Flash as a bonafide bodyguard. We’re not sure why Barry doesn’t let him step up and play in the big leagues with him. How else is the kid supposed to learn? If anything, Green Arrow can make him a better hero like he did Barry.

Snyder’s film also didn’t do its Flash justice, making its Barry Allen a scared geek, but he has a good excuse: he’s inexperienced. And at least Batman has faith in him to make him a crucial part of his team. Let’s hope the Arrowverse shows the same kind of faith in Wally soon because he feels very secondary and periperhal at present.

The CW’s Arrowverse dramas return this week for their midseason finales: Supergirl on Monday, Dec. 4, at 8 p.m. ET/PT; The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., respectively; and Arrow on Thursday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m.

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