Which Arrowverse Characters Died in the Original Crisis On Infinite Earths?

If it's anything like the landmark event that inspired it, the CW's upcoming Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover will bring on huge body count with it. Marv Wolfman and George Perez's 1986 comic book crossover simplified decades of confusing continuity by destroying DC's  expansive multiverse, killing scores of characters who inhabited them.

While most of those characters were minor,  quite a few of those characters were major heroes and villains. Many of these same characters exist in the Arrowverse, and are set to make an appearance in the crossover. Now, we're taking a look back at which characters who are currently in the Arrowverse didn't make it out of the original Crisis alive.

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The Anti-Monitor, the Villain of Crisis

The big bad of Crisis was introduced in the story as well, proving to be one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. To this end, it took several versions of Superman and Lex Luthor, as well as the mighty Darkseid to combat him. He eventually met his end in the story's conclusion, but his short presence had a lasting impact on the DC Universe, and he's returned on a few occasions.

His intent to destroy the multiverse led to the various DC Earths becoming one, which was a status quo that would remain in effect until the release of the sequel, Infinite Crisis, 20 years later. It's more than likely that the TV version of the character will also be destroyed at the mini-series' end, so his death is almost guaranteed.

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The Monitor

As a heroic counterpart to the villainous Anti-Monitor, The Monitor first began showing up in comics a few years before Crisis in an effort to set up the event. Hoping to stave off the Anti-Monitor's assault against the multiverse, he enlists a team of heroes (and villains) from various Earths. He is eventually killed, however, by a corrupted version of his protege, Harbinger.

Arrowverse regular Lyla Diggle (nee Michaels) is a much more grounded version of Harbinger, and it's possible that an alternate version of her may appear to do the Monitor in. The Monitor has already appeared in previous CW crossovers such as Elseworlds, but this appearance may be his last.

Lex Luthor

Crisis notably featured multiple versions of the Man of Steel's greatest nemesis. One version was Alexei Luthor, an arms dealer version of the character with a full head of hair, who was based on the Golden Age version of Luthor. The heroic Alexander Luthor, who was married to Lois Lane and faced the villainous Ultraman on Earth-Three, also appeared ni the crossover. His son, Alexander Luthor Jr., was one of the crossover's few surviviors, adn he went on to live in a paradise dimension until Infintie Crisis.

However, Alexi was killed by Brainiac for his insubordinate behavior, whereas Earth-Three Lex was destroyed with the rest of his world during the Crisis. Though Lex Luthor died in the Season 4 finale of Supergirl, his corpse was taken by The Monitor. Jon Cryer is also returning to portray the character again, though it's unknown which version of Lex he'll portray.


The Huntress Earth-Two Helena Wayne

Huntress was a relatively minor supporting character in the first two seasons of Arrow and hasn't been seen since. This version of Huntress was the modern, Helena Bertinelli take on the character, who's merely a Batman-related vigilante.

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The version who died in Crisis, however, was the Earth-Two Huntress, who was Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Given that Batman has been established as part of the upcoming Batwoman series and at least one older Bruce Wayne will appear in the crossover, there's a possibility that a version of Huntress may appear, if only to kick the bucket.

The Flash

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Barry Allen Death

The most noteworthy death in the original series was Barry Allen, whose sacrifice stopped the Anti-Monitor's plans and saved the DC Universe. This happens after Barry creates a speed vortex to destroy an anti-matter cannon. The energy is too much for even him. However, he eventually runs himself into being disintegrated.

Barry's death was one of the longest-lasting major character deaths in comic book history. While it was eventually overturned, it's unlikely that the Arrowverse Crisis would emulate this plot point. Given the ominous future that's been teased since the first episode of The Flash, it's certainly not out of the question.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow Golden Age Earth-Two

The Earth-Two version of Green Arrow also perished in the Crisis, when his world was erased during the merger of universes. Many of the hallmark staples of modern Green Arrow, such as hot-headed, political personality, were more features of the Earth-One version, so the Earth-Two Green Arrow was easily retconned and forgotten in the continuity of the new universe.

The Monitor has already warned Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen that he would not survive the Crisis. With Arrow ending this year, Crisis would be the perfect opportunity to give the archer a sendoff, especially since it would match one aspect of the original story.


Superman holding Supergirl in the Crisis On Infinite Earths

Another iconic death in the original Crisis was that of Supergirl. As DC editorial wanted to cement Superman's status as the Last Son of Krypton in the future, Supergirl was killed off by the Anti-Monitor, after unleashing a furious attack on the villain to protect her cousin.

It's even less likely that Supergirl will die in the conclusion of the TV series, especially since she still has a show of her own to star in. Though this may maintain one of TV's most powerful heroes, it may also rob Crisis of one of its most powerful moments.

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