8 Characters Gone From The Arrowverse That Fans Want Back (And 7 That Can Stay Away)

Over the course of six years, The CW's Arrowverse has grown into something pretty incredible. Currently, the shared DCTV universe consists of four shows -- five if you count the animated Vixen. While the jury is still out on Black Lightning, which the fans are hoping will be joining at some point. The Arrowverse has introduced tones of comic book characters and tackled iconic storylines like "Flashpoint" and the "Trial of The Flash". Arrow is responsible for introducing a number of Batman characters and Legends met up with the Justice Society of America. The number of supporting characters, both good and bad, the Arrowverse has featured over the years is impressive. However, not all of these characters got the treatment they deserved.

For one reason or another, some were left behind, written off, killed off, or just plain forgotten. In a way, these characters vanished into thin air leaving the fans none the wiser. Naturally, we'd very much like to know what happened to these characters and whether any of them will be coming back at some point. If we're being honest, not all of the vanished characters are exactly missed. However, there are also those we wish would come back.

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Supergirl Maxwell Lord
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Supergirl Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord was an unfortunate casualty of Supergirl’s move from CBS. When the show moved to The CW it also meant that the episodes would be filmed in Vancouver, Canada and not Los Angeles. As a result, a number of actors who were part of the first season had to leave the show since they did not want to relocate.

Though the move to The CW has been greatly beneficial for Supergirl, the Arrowverse and the fans, we can’t help but lament the characters we lost in the process. Maxwell Lord played a very important role during the first season and he was shaping up to be the "Lex Luthor" of Supergirl. Not to mention that, last we saw him, he was possession of the Omegahedron and nothing has yet been resolved in that field, nor does it look like it ever will be.


Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl

It’s safe to say that Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, wasn’t a fan-favorite. Ever since her debut on The Flash opinions were divided. While some took offense to the way the character was portrayed compared to the comics, others just found her boring. The real problem happened when she became the focus of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Not that the first season of Legends of Tomorrow was horrible, it definitely had its moments, but the main story was pretty bad. And a lot of the negative feedback was because of Hawkgirl. Whether it’s bad writing, poor performance, or a combination of the two, Kendra quickly became one of the most unlikable characters in the entire Arrowverse. At the end of season one she practically vanished never to be seen again, which is for the best.


Supergirl Cat grant

Finally, Supergirl found a more-than-suitable replacement for Cat Grant in Lena Luthor. They’re both smart, cunning, sexy, powerful women who share a special bond with both Kara and Supergirl -- without realizing they’re the same person. However, while we absolutely love Lena, we’re still holding out hope that Cat might return to Supergirl in all of her glory.

Her sassiness, snark, wit and particular charm brought a little something special to the show and we miss it. Although her sporadic appearances warm our hearts and always manage to make us laugh, if Calista Flockhart ever decided she wanted to return to Supergirl we’d love to have her back. Unfortunately, given that her departure from the show happened due to the move to Canada, it’s not likely that this will happen.


The Flash Linda Park

Talk about a waste of a character. Contrary to what The CW’s The Flash would have you believe, Linda Park is actually an important character in the world of Flash. Not that she got any recognition on the show. In the comics, Linda Park is the main love interest of the third Flash, Wally West, and plays a crucial role in bringing Wally back from the Speed Force. However, the show decided to introduce Linda as yet another pointless love interest for Barry to entertain while waiting on Iris to make up her mind.

Linda was tough, smart, funny and pretty likable, until the writers started making her unlikable for the sake of Iris and Barry’s future relationship. Sure, it would have been nice to have an awesome version of Linda on the show but given that she’s already ruined, it’s best to keep her AWOL.


Arrow The Huntress

Precisely why the Arrowverse gave up on Helena Bertinelli is hard to say for certain. The character was introduced on the very first season of Arrow and played a pivotal role in shaping Oliver Queen and his alter-ego the Green Arrow. However, little has been said or seen of the infamous Huntress beyond season one.

After failing to exert her revenge and take out her father, Helena has been locked up and only appeared briefly during season two. So far, there's been complete radio silence and the Huntress is barely even mentioned anymore. We know that she’s supposed to be locked up in prison but that’s about it. It would be great if the writers found a way to get her back on the show, at least for a full season. Helena was one of Arrow’s most interesting characters and it’s a shame that they just wrote her off.


Arrow Susan Williams

Oliver Queen hasn’t always made the best decisions when it comes to dating and women. In fact, most of the time, the women he fell for ended up either crazy or dead. Case in point, his most recent fling, Susan Williams. In one of his notorious moments of complete and utter absurdity, Oliver started dating the woman who was hell-bent on destroying both him and the Green Arrow.

Naturally, this "promising" relationship didn’t last long and Susan was soon removed from the show completely. After being rescued by Oliver from Adrian Chase, the power couple broke up and Susan Williams hasn’t been seen since. Much to the delight of almost the entire Arrowverse fandom. Even the Olicity haters seemed to hate Susan even more, which speaks volumes.


Arrow Nyssa al Ghul

Exactly how much longer do we all need to keep on clamoring for Katrina Law's return to the Arrowverse for the writers to finally cave in? Yes, she does pop up on the rare occasion that the plot requires her to, but ever since season three of Arrow, Nyssa hasn’t had a larger presence in the Arrowverse. And it’s a shame because Nyssa is a very intriguing and well-developed character. Something that cannot be said of most supporting characters.

For a character that appeared in less than twenty episodes over all, Nyssa got a surprising amount of development. However, there are still some loose ends and lots of potential for further growth. It would be awesome if the writers could find a way to use Nyssa al Ghul more often.


The Flash Julian Albert

At first, we were all thrilled to hear that Draco Malfoy himself, aka Tom Felton, will be joining the cast of The Flash in season three, but the initial excitement dissipated rather abruptly. At first, Julian Albert was introduced as a minor hindrance for Barry Allen to tackle on daily basis, but it was soon revealed that he was in fact connected to Savitar.

Felton delivered an excellent performance and his particular charm was a fine addition to the show. However, things took a turn for the worst once Julian -- previously self-proclaimed opponent of meta-humans -- joined Team Flash. His whole conflict with Barry was suddenly abandoned and Julian became yet another unfortunate love interest of Dr. Caitlin Snow. Julian Albert hasn't been seen or heard from since the season three finale. And frankly, we're fine with him being gone.


Arrow Suicide Squad

When it was announced that Suicide Squad will be coming to the big screen in a DCEU movie, the writers on Arrow were politely told to back off. Only, Arrow had already introduced a number of Suicide Squad characters and even formed the notorious Task Force X. Still, the writers were forced to write these characters off as they were now off limits.

Unfortunately, DCEU’s saving grace turned out to be anything but that and Suicide Squad now stands as one of the most poorly made movies in recent history. However, it is still off the table for the Arrowverse, which could have done a much better job with these iconic characters had it been given a fair chance. It’s probably too much to hope that Warner Brothers will change its mind and allow Arrow to once again use Suicide Squad, but what else can we do?


Arrow Rory Regan

Rory Regan’s run on Team Arrow was remarkably short. Ragman did not even last an entire season. During the mid-season finale Roy used the power of his rags to shield Star City from an explosion, which resulted in the rags losing their powers. Afterwards, he decided to leave Team Arrow and find a way to fix his rags. A reasonable decision most definitely, however what isn’t reasonable is that Team Arrow doesn't even seem to remember Rory.

He’s never mentioned, no one ever wonders how he’s doing or if he’s ever coming back. It’s odd, to say the least, that after his heroic sacrifice Rory is completely forgotten. But as much as the treatment of Rory pains us, we’re fine with him being gone. It was obvious from the very beginning that he just wasn’t the right fit. However, someone could at least reach out to see if he’s still alive.


Arrow Sin

Sin is yet another example of characters vanishing into thin air without rhyme or reason. Back in season two, Sin was introduced as a confidant and adopted younger sister of Sara Lance, the first Black Canary. She eventually became a friend to Roy Harper and Thea Queen. In the season three episode "Uprising", Sin was able to figure out that Sara was not the one wearing the Black Canary costume any longer.

These two seemed to share a very deep bond, and Sin also developed a close friendship with Roy and Thea, which is why her sudden and unexplained departure felt more than a bit off. You’d think that one of her friends would wonder about her whereabouts, but nothing has been spoken about Sin in years. It’s definitely one of the questions we want answered, preferably with Sin herself coming back to tell her story.


Arrow Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul didn’t quite live up to her younger sister’s legacy. The more famous of the al Ghul sisters, at least when Batman comics are concerned, Talia was introduced into the Arrowverse during the fifth season of Arrow. Talia was the one who encouraged Oliver to take on a new identity for his dark side and the one who suggested he should target his father’s list.

However, Talia then turned against Oliver when she found out he killed her father, for which she swore to get her revenge. Talia was last seen during the season five finale, presumably still on the island when Prometheus detonated the bomb. As of now, here fate is unknown. Far be it from us to wish death upon anyone, but we wouldn’t exactly be disappointed if Talia didn't return to the show.


The Flash General Eiling

General Wade Eiling has been noticeably absent from The Flash for almost three seasons now. Back in season one, General Eiling was introduced as a corrupt military official involved with shady military meta-human projects. He made a number of appearances and was last seen heading back to his military base after being freed of Grodd’s mind control to launch a full-on apehunt against his former captor.

We haven’t heard a single word from the General ever since, although some kind of a conclusion to his storyline would certainly be beneficial. Even though Grodd made a couple of appearances, General Eiling was nowhere to be found. Considering the character’s comic book history, it would be a waste to write him off this easily. So, maybe there’s still hope for the General to come back.


The Flash Tracy Brand

In season three, Tracy Brand joined Team Flash after being recruited for her scientific expertise that at some point in the future were going to be used to capture Savitar. Tracy befriended H.R. and pretty soon the two started developing romantic feelings for each other. She did end up creating the Speed Force Bazooka, however, it failed to stop Savitar and the speedster killed H.R.

Heartbroken, Tracy Brand left Team Flash, but she’s supposedly still working as a consultant. Although she hasn’t been seen on the show, we know that she helped Cisco figure out a way to get Barry out of the Speed Force. While we don’t have anything against Tracy, we just don’t think she’s a necessary addition to Team Flash. With Iris already ruining the team dynamic, adding one more character that the team and the show can do without just doesn’t make sense.


Legends of Tomorrow Hourman Justice Society of America

Although we more or less knew that the Justice Society of America won’t stick around for long, we were still kind of disappointed that we barely got to see them in action. The season one finale was full of promise, however, the following season failed to deliver a satisfying pay-off as far as the Justice Society of America is concerned.

Thinking back on Hourman’s big entrance, we can’t help but feel a bit cheated. Despite being played by the Suits star Patrick J. Adams, who was the biggest name of all JSA actors, Rex Tyler was killed off pretty fast and the JSA became second thought. Sure, it served the purpose of bringing Amaya onto the Waverider, but we’d still like the JSA to make a more memorable appearance. Perhaps give them a whole arc with the Legends, see how the two teams mix.

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