Arrow's Stephen Amell Survived The Flash - And Has The T-Shirt To Prove It

"Elseworlds," the highly-anticipated Arrowverse crossover event, will see the lead characters of Arrow and The Flash partake in a role-reversal, with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen donning the red spandex of the Flash and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen becoming the Green Arrow.

As it turns out, however, the Fastest Man Alive's trademark suit was just a little bit too snug for Amell's liking. Amell was probably very relieved when he was finally able to return to the loving embrace of his own superhero outfit -- likely with even more respect for what Gustin goes through on a consistent basis.

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Now that production on "Elseworlds" has concluded, Amell took to Twitter to share a photo of the humorous gift that was given to him by The Flash's wardrobe department: a red t-shirt with text that reads, "My name is Stephen Amell and I have survived the tightest suit alive," punctuated by the Flash's symbol.

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For Amell's sake, let's hope the new shirt fits a bit more comfortably than the Scarlet Speedster's suit did.

“Elseworlds,” this year’s Arrowverse crossover event, will begin with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8 pm ET, continue with Arrow on Monday, December 10 at 8 pm ET and end with Supergirl on Tuesday, December 11 at 8 pm ET.

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