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Arrow’s New Recruits Reveal Their Reactions to CW’s Invasion Crossover

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Arrow’s New Recruits Reveal Their Reactions to CW’s Invasion Crossover

Next week, Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Legends of Tomorrow and their friends will join forces for the very first time in order to battle the great unknown: an alien invasion. While superhero team-ups are old hat for the likes of the Emerald Archer and the Scarlet Speedster, it’s a whole new world for Wild Dog, Ragman and Artemis, “Arrow’s” newest recruits. At the celebration of “Arrow’s” 100th episode, Rick Gonzalez, Joe Dinicol and Madison McLaughlin weighed in on how their characters will react to an influx of metahumans and aliens.

Asked if he could confirm that he was in the crossover, Gonzalez– who plays Wild Dog — said, “Yes. Yes, I can. And I can also say that he has a gigantic dislike for metahumans and aliens.”

Of course, that dislike for metahumans and aliens isn’t exactly out of character for Wild Dog, who has struggled to work with a team and constantly challenges authority figures. According to Gonzalez, however, there’s a little more to his dislike for metahumans beyond his stubbornness. “I’ll leave that for the audience to see in episode 8. He has his reasons.”

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As to whether or not the upcoming “Invasion!” crossover will justify these prejudices in Wild Dog’s mind, Gonzalez added, “I can’t really say, but what I can say is just — I just want to put out there that he doesn’t really want to get along with the metahumans and aliens, so I think the idea of the Dominators and all that stuff is all just crap to him. I think the audience will get a kick and kind of see who is and why he dislikes these people so much and how that might change him in a way. I think every moment is a moment for Wild Dog to kind of grow, and that’s kind of nice, so we’ll see that. Even episode 3 we kind of got a glimpse into him realizing that he isn’t more of a team player.”

Dinicol, who plays Ragman, was also quick to confirm his involvement with the episode. “The great thing about the show is that the show uses humor in a really wonderful way to deal with some of this stuff, even just from the name Ragman,” he explained. “It’s not just said and then they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s a normal thing that we do. We call someone Ragman.’ There’s certainly humor, especially within the new group. ‘Oh, now there’s an alien invasion. Okay, well, I’m Ragman. Okay, we’ve just got to swallow that.’ So certainly humor will be part of that, and then the seriousness of the situation will also dictate how they deal with it.”

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Unlike Gonzalez and Dinicol, McLaughlin would neither confirm nor deny Artemis’ involvement in the 100th episode. “I cannot confirm anything! I can tell you that the 100th episode is really special, and — as a fan of the show — when I read the script, I cried and I laughed and I got very nostalgic,” she shared. “I mean, so many of our cast from Season 1 comes back, so it’s really special to see that, especially as a fan of the show. It’s really cool.”

Of course, McLaughlin’s reluctance to confirm Artemis for the 100th episode could be due to recent events on “Arrow.” After all, last episode’s stinger revealed she has been working on Prometheus, who very much has it out for Green Arrow. As such, she could be discovered — or even simply leave the team — at any time now.

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Though she didn’t offer too many details, she did discuss the idea of metahumans in the “Arrow”-verse, saying, “There is some fun stuff! The Flash is in the crossover, and there’s some really cool stuff. Actually, in [a recent] episode, we created — I shouldn’t say ‘we’ — Wild Dog created a metahuman, which was really fun to see the stunts and to see the makeup and prosthetics that went into that. We had so much fun shooting that episode. Cody Rhodes was so cool and so sweet and so awesome. It was just like the best thing to happen.”

As to whether or not the idea of an alien invasion will alter the way Evelyn sees the world she’s a part of, she added, “I think absolutely, it definitely opens the eyes, especially of our new recruits. It kind of gives them a taste of what they signed up for and what this life is and what goes on. It’s cool to kind of see them take that in.”

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more.

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