"Arrow's" Echo Kellum Promises Mister Terrific Will Suit Up in Season 5

Echo Kellum is more than ready to suit up as Mr. Terrific on "Arrow" when the show returns, expressing his excitement in a Comic-Con International interview with members of the press, including CBR.

As seen in the sizzle reel for "Arrow's" fifth season, Curtis has officially joined Team Arrow. He'll be training hard with Oliver, learning how to give and take punches like a true vigilante. As to how that training will affect Curtis, well, "You're going to see him fail and keep striving," Kellum explained. "There's something about Curtis that's very driven. I think you'll see some of the hurdles he'll have to pass. You'll see that his drive really pushes him through everything. Whether it was the Olympics or now getting into the field with Team Arrow, I think it's going to be a really fun journey."

When we last saw Curtis, he was helping Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) prevent Damien Darhk's atomic weapons from destroying Star City. Throughout Season 4, he proved to be an incredible technical asset to Team Arrow -- he even healed Felicity's back, allowing her to walk again. Asked if he would become Team Arrow's version of Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes from "The Flash") he replied, "In a sense, yeah. They have differences, but the team definitely won't have to outsource their tech needs to S.T.A.R. Labs."

With Curtis becoming a main member of Team Arrow, that turns his role at Palmer Tech into something of a question mark. Now that Felicity has been removed as CEO, will Curtis stay on with the company? "Curtis is in flux, professionally, right now. He loved his boss, he loved his CEO. He is loyal, he's still an active worker, I think Curtis still works there, but we haven't talked about it. I feel like it might be a solidarity thing, like, if Felicity is gone, then I'm gone too. Maybe."

In fact, Bett Rickards mentioned during the interview that the Palmer Tech set has actually been turned into something else, so we may not see the company this season at all.

"Arrow" Executive Producer Wendy Mericle also discussed Curtis' transition to Team Arrow. "We're so excited about it," she said. "Echo is amazing; he brings such a different energy and fun to the bunker. He'll have an evolution over the season, but you'll definitely be seeing him in action in the first nine episodes. He's a badass, he's awesome -- we're excited!"

As for his long-anticipated Mr. Terrific mask and outfit, Kellum says that while he was in no position to suit up in Season 4, he promises Curtis will get a superhero suit early in Season 5. "The mask is happening this year," Kellum declared. "You can definitely expect it in the first nine."

"Arrow" Season 5 returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5.

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