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“Arrow’s” Cupid Details Her Desire to Crush Oliver & Felicity’s Love

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“Arrow’s” Cupid Details Her Desire to Crush Oliver & Felicity’s Love

Amy Gumenick knows how to win the hearts of The CW viewers. The Swedish-born actress first gained notice when she kicked demon butt as Mary Winchester, playing a young version of Sam and Dean’s mother on “Supernatural.” In “Arrow’s” third season, Gumenick’s Carrie Cutter, AKA Cupid, turned love into deadly obsession before joining the Suicide Squad. Now, she’s back and taking aim at Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in this week’s new episode, “Broken Hearts.”

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CBR News spoke with Gumenick about Cupid’s devastating heartbreak, her warped view of love and why she can’t leave Oliver and Felicity alone.

CBR News: This is your third turn as Cupid. What have you enjoyed most about stepping into her shoes and drawing back her bow?

Amy Gumenick: Wow. There are really no words. Cupid is so unique in so many ways. It’s rare to find a character that is so dynamic, and so fun, and really get to play the full emotional spectrum, and fight and do archery. I feel as an actress it’s such a gift and such a rare opportunity. Stepping into the role, I only knew so much and they keep throwing more at me. It’s so fun and I feel grateful to bring her to life and continue her adventures because they can go anywhere.

Last time viewers saw Cupid, she undertook a mission with the Suicide Squad and was distraught over Floyd Lawton’s death. Where has she been and what has she been up to since we last saw her?

That’s something that is still being discovered. I don’t want to reveal too much, but that had a really profound effect on her. Cupid is a woman so driven by love and she really believes all you need is love. After losing Floyd and experiencing that ultimate heartbreak, she’s been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to figure out who she is now that perhaps love doesn’t exist and isn’t possible. Suicide Squad has fallen apart a bit. She’s been exploring on her own. There have been some personal missions she’s been going on and has been waiting for a comeback. I think we see that comeback.

It appeared Cupid had changed her ways and was doing some good with the Suicide Squad. What brings her back to Star City?

Well, going back to the last episode where we see her and that epic death at the end, Cupid has changed the way that she views the world and the way she views love. She’s now on a mission to protect and save the world from the inevitable pain and inevitable heartbreak and in many cases, death. Her current mission is to stop love and she will do whatever it takes to protect everyone from the pain that she’s gone through. She’s coming from a place of “good,” but she has a few people in particular she is out to teach this lesson to.

Cupid was previously obsessed with the Arrow. What are her feelings towards him now?

They are complicated. I think she’s accepted that he is not hers, but she knows what she wants and knows how to get what she wants. She respects him as an equal and a peer. Without Arrow, she wouldn’t be who she was. So much of the training that she went through, and the kind of supervillain she is, has been influenced by him. He’s her role model. I think the obsession and love is what began her whole journey. There are still some underlying feelings there. Once you have loved someone so intensely, no matter what, that will always be alive for you. She has moved on to a bigger purpose. She’ll work with him again. It’s not over.

What can you tease about Cupid’s run-in with Team Arrow this time around?

Cupid is someone who likes to make herself known and she does that in a big way in this episode and gets the attention of the entire team, even more so than I think we have in the past. Her goal is to get everyone in the same room so they can hash out this problem at hand. So, there are some front-runners and in a way, I think there is a beautiful thing that happens in that because of her — whatever you want to call it — craziness or determination, she brings the entire team together. As a team, they are out to find her and stop her, which is exactly what she wants.

In what ways does Cupid put Oliver and Felicity’s troubled relationship into perspective?

I can’t say too much about what’s going on with their relationship. But, part of what is going on with Cupid is she is targeting celebrity couples to make a statement about love and the happily-ever-after. She’s trying to squash that. Oliver and Felicity are a perfect target because they represent that happily-ever-after and that ideal love story. In many ways, they could be an example to the rest of the world. They are a couple that is so closely watched by the rest of the world and the society that they live in, they are a perfect star in her story. Of course, because there is a history between Cupid and Arrow, there is perhaps a little bit of an underlying love triangle going on. There are a lot of bittersweet feelings there.

In the comic books, Cupid slit Malcolm Merlyn’s throat. She also developed a relationship with the character Everyman. Do you want to see your character’s arc follow a similar path or are you hoping the writers explore another route for the show?

The possibilities are endless. I love the references to the original comics. There are so many stories — the ones that you mentioned in particular — that she hasn’t really played out in the show. I also think her past is really interesting. Her whole “revenge on the world” started with her first heartbreak, which was her husband and thinking he was cheating on her and finding out that wasn’t, in fact, true. Her emotions really took over in a big way. But, I would love to explore her past and why she is who she is and where that goes. I think in this episode, “Broken Hearts,” we see a different side of Cupid and perhaps a more human, relatable side. As an actress, it was such an incredible opportunity to explore who she is underneath the leather suit and arrows. I would love the opportunity to go deeper and see who she is now and where she came from.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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