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Arrow: Wild Dog, Artemis & More Weigh In On Their Characters’ Pasts

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Arrow: Wild Dog, Artemis & More Weigh In On Their Characters’ Pasts

Wild Dog. Artemis. Ragman. Aside from their involvement in Team “Arrow,” fans know virtually nothing about Oliver Queen’s new recruits — but that’s about to change. Though the three “Arrow” stars were unable to offer too many details, Joe Dinicol, Madison McLaughlin and Rick Gonzales teased some new information about where their characters came from, why they became vigilantes and what affects their dynamic within the team.

McLauglin touched on where her character Evelyn Sharpe has been since her introduction in the Season 4 episode “Canary Cry,” saying, “We get a bit of that story. They do explore all of our newbies’ backstory a bit, their lives and stuff before Team Arrow. It’s cool to see how, basically, Evelyn’s been wandering around and hasn’t had a home, hasn’t had a family — total teenage orphan. It’s nice for her to finally find her place, to finally find a family and a home, so it’s really special.”

“Evelyn is still a teenager, but she’s been through so much that she’s a bit more mature than your typical fifteen/sixteen/seventeen-year-old, but it is definitely cool to see the dynamic of being a teenager, of being ‘I know everything, I know what’s the best,’ and having these adults come in and be like, ‘That’s cute. It’s cute that you think that,'” she added. “So there’s definitely a lot of fun stuff about that.

As to Wild Dog’s “troubled” past, Gonzales shared, “All I can say is that we kind of touch a little bit on his military training in a scene in ‘Arrow’ coming up fairly shortly, very soon, and I’m sure that’ll progress and we’ll learn more and more about his life in the military and how that shaped him and so I feel like that kind of mirrors a little bit of the Wild Dog in the comic book. There’ll be things that we take from the comic book and most of it we won’t.”‘

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Though Wild Dog has kept the others at arm’s length so far, he’ll find himself drawn to them as the season progresses. “I think that it’ll be difficult for Wild Dog not to feel a connection with the team,” he revealed. “I think that’s a natural thing when you’re on a team, and even in the military. When your life is on the line and you have to trust someone with your life, I think you naturally connect with that person. I think those bonds will naturally form, and I don’t think that’s something that will be a big shock to the audience. That’s a natural progression in terms of the team coming together.”

Dinicol also weighed in on whether or not fans will learn more about the source of Ragman’s mystical powers. “It’ll trickle out slowly,” he explained. “Largely because the specifics of it are quite a mystery to him, these were laid on him and he was protected from this horrible thing — and then everyone who knew anything about these rags were killed. This stuff, if and when it does come out, will come out slowly and it will be equally a surprise to him.”

However, this mystical power sets him apart from his teammates. According to Dinicol, “I think it makes him a more thoughtful and watchful character; I think he knows how powerful they [the rags] are, and I think he knows how careful he has to be with them. I also think it sets him apart in a sort of a good way from the group; he’s been alone for so long now, and so — when he comes and he has this other thing that sort of keeps him at arms’ length — to watch them reach out and pull him in a little is really a lovely thing to have happen for him, because he’s a lonely guy.”

“Not to be too magnanimous, but I’d say pretty much everyone,” he added when asked if there is any one particular team member he’ll find himself drawn to. “I mean, what’s been cool over the course of this season is we’ve been getting to know each other off-screen and those connections are being made on camera. We’re learning each other’s tells, we’re learning the minutia of one another, sort of on screen and that’s informing how they write the characters, that’s informing our dynamic, and so we’re all becoming very close in our own specific ways, so I would kind of say everyone. We all have a really good time together, which — thank goodness!”

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more.

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