Arrow: What We Want From Season 6 (And What We Don't)


It's been a rough road for The CW's Arrow. After a successful first season was followed by an even more revered sophomore effort, the series fell somewhat adrift. The first two seasons paved the way for what would be called the Arrowverse, with The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow spinning off directly from seeds that took root Arrow. But the truth is, as Arrow went into its third and fourth seasons, the show began to suffer. Somehow, the series became less of what fans wanted -- less of a dark superhero action series, and more of a melodramatic relationship story.

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The focus of the series became muddied, and fans began to notice. Luckily, it seems like the powers that be noticed this as well, as the series' fifth season was a return to form. Once again focusing on its principal character and his struggles, the season featured a compelling villain in Prometheus, one that was ahead of Oliver Queen at every turn – something we hadn't seen since Slade Wilson was a regular on the series all the way back in season two. Now, Arrow's sixth season is almost upon us, and fan expectations have risen once again. That said, there's still an amount of uncertainty as we wonder if we'll get more of Seaons 3 and 4, or more of the Season 5, but there are some ways that Arrow can once again deliver the goods and remain at the top of its superhero field.

First, Arrow will once again need a compelling antagonist. When Adrian Chase went out with a literal bang, he left a vacancy in the villain department. Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Ra's Al Ghul, Damian Darhk and Prometheus -- there's a long string of interesting villains that Oliver Queen has faced, and Richard Dragon, who will be played by Kirk Acevedo, is next in line. Of course, Arrow has often used more than one main villain in a particular season, an appetizer before the main course of sorts, like Brother Blood and Tobias Church in seasons 2 and 5, respectively. With these two seasons being the strongest of the series, Arrow would do well to follow their formula instead of focusing on a singular big bad for the entire season. No matter how fantastic Richard Dragon is, he might well be nothing more than an opening act before the real villain makes himself known.

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