Arrow, Walking Dead Among TV Guide's Most Influential Shows of the Decade

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With the 2010s coming to a close, The CW's Arrow and AMC's The Walking Dead have ranked among the most most influential shows of the decade.

In its retrospective, TV Guide singled out Arrow and Walking Dead for their impact on the television landscape in relation to genre shows and expansive universes. The television magazine described how Arrow revived the superhero genre for television, stating, "While there's temptation to argue that Smallville set up superheroes on The CW, it wasn't until 2012, when Stephen Amell and his abs bounced and jiggled up the salmon ladder in Arrow, that the modern era of live-action superhero shows was ushered in and reshaped television."

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TV Guide mentioned the Arrow's influence on The CW's programming with the Arrowverse as well as other television networks jumping into the live-action superhero genre.

In regards to The Walking Dead, the franchise has spawned Fear of the Walking Dead, an untitled second spin-off and the post-episode discussion series Talking Dead, which led to other post-episode series like Talking Bad and Talking Saul. TV Guide wrote, "The property is so big that AMC has splintered off The Walking Dead into its own entity creating a corporate structure within a single franchise. That's crazy."

The magazine also cited Game of Thrones as a hugely influential series over the last decade. The HBO fantasy series was singled out for making expensive genre shows a must-watch during the last decade. Despite its final season generating mixed reviews, the show set a record for Emmy nominations.

Arrow is currently airing its eighth and final season on The CW while The Walking Dead Season 10 is airing on AMC with an eleventh season renewal.

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