Arrow Vs Flash: 15 Hilariously Dank Memes For Arrowverse Supremacy

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His name is Oliver Queen. The other's name is Barry Allen. One was trapped on an island, and the other was struck by lightning. These are the two frontrunners for the CW's Arrowverse of DC TV shows. What started with Stephen Amell's version of the Green Arrow has now found its way to different universes, alternate timelines and unique periods in history. It's a great time to be a comic book fan.

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For the first two years of the Arrowverse, it was just Oliver Queen cleaning up the streets of Starling City. Then Barry Allen came into the picture and the world got a whole lot bigger. All of a sudden, metahumans were a huge part of the universe and Oliver (a man with no powers) found himself right in the middle of it. He ended up serving as a mentor to the young and inexperienced Barry, and the two even butted heads several times, but they always manage to stay friends. When we bring memes into the mix, though, there is no room for friendship. Lines are drawn and wars are ready to be fought. Arrow and Flash are about ready to go at it with these 15 hilarious memes.


When Oliver and Barry had their first crossover, it wasn't exactly a pretty scene. Barry had a lot to learn about being a superhero, and his demeanor clashed heavily with Oliver's brooding attitude. Nonetheless, the juxtaposition of a happy-go-lucky speedster and a hardened vigilante was fun to watch. It also gave us great moments like when Oliver shot Barry with arrows.

This meme goes right along with both of their personalities. Barry was always quick to rush into a fight and starting throwing punches before thinking, whereas Oliver was more methodical. It's all too easy to imagine him running right in front of a few arrows and taking a few to the back. We can also see Ollie not being too pleased about it either.


Of all the Arrowverse crossovers, we have to tip our hats to the most recent one for giving us golden scenes like this. After aliens invade the Earth due to Barry creating Flashpoint, he decides to seek out help from the heroes in Star City. He rushes in while Oliver and Diggle are fighting Vigilante and rushes them back to their penthouse. Of the two of them, it's Diggle who immediately starts expressing how crazy it is that Barry exists, even going as far as to state why he never did drugs.

Unfortunately, old Diggle would still end up seeing weird things with or without the influence of another substance. The kicker for this entire scene was that he actually threw up a few times after being rushed at light speed by Barry. Even Oliver seemed a little shaken up.


When Arrow first premiered, not a lot of people knew who the Green Arrow character was. To help debrief new viewers, the CW incorporated an intro that was basically Oliver explaining who he was and what he was trying to do. Now that the show is approaching season six, an intro like this is no longer necessary. Yet, it has remained in the show as well as bleeding over into The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Oliver always opens with how he was stranded and Barry always states that he's the fastest man alive. This occurs during every single episode, and for most of the viewers, it gets kind of annoying. This meme points out that even when they order coffee, they'd basically introduce themselves in the same lengthy way.


When the CW was first adapting The Flash, they decided to take a traditional route. They embraced the ridiculous roots of the character and decided to change popular storylines to fit the universe they were creating. Many classic villains were included and all was well in the world. If only they had done the same for Arrow. In seasons three and four, it felt as if the writers were pushing toward the Olicity relationship, and it drastically hurt their ratings as a result.

What makes this meme so hilarious is that we can't help but see the painful truth in it. While we love Arrow nowadays, there were times when we dreaded what the next episode would bring. It's also funny to see that The Flash has embraced a more soap opera style of storytelling while Arrow is getting back on track.


Having the powers of the Speed Force is no small responsibility, and it's one that Barry doesn't always know how to utilize properly. He messed with the timeline in season one, but really screwed with it in season two by not only traveling back to the events of season one but saving his mother from being killed decades earlier. This created a whole new reality and caused the need for a massive four-way crossover.

However, it's possible that the crossover didn't happen for the superheroes to get rid of the Dominators, but instead to give a little support for Barry. After all, he had seen some horribly traumatic events and isn't thinking straight. All of the Arrowverse's best heroes are now coming together to let him talk and give him some gentle love and care. They're here because they love you, Barry.


Once season three began, the writers of Arrow began exploring the idea of Oliver and Felicity being in a relationship together. However, that wasn't without its roadblocks, as both of them had a lot of growing to do. One source of contention was the fact that Felicity nearly began a relationship with Barry before ever being with Oliver. They even shared a kiss or two along the way.

This meme presents a perfect picture of how Oliver would usually respond to Felicity and Barry sharing a moment. While they're embracing, he's gazing in the background with a smile on his face. What is he thinking, you ask? Well, he's flashing back to the time where he fired some arrows into Barry's back and probably thinking about doing it again.


During their first official crossover, Green Arrow and Flash were working together to stop Captain Boomerang. Along the way, the bad guys started to get the upper hand, as they manipulated Flash into attacking Green Arrow. It resulted in this shot where Oliver has Barry in a chokehold and is gripping his neck for dear life.

Of course, once this picture circulated around the Internet, many people saw the opportunity to create great memes. There are several involving this picture, but we found this particular one to be our favorite. As it turns out, Oliver wasn't holding Barry to beat him in a fight, but to get him to stare at the glorious rainbow of Skittles before him. How would we get the Flash to taste them? By attaching them to an arrow, of course!


The Green Arrow costume had subtle changes between seasons one, two and three, but it was drastically altered for season four. Instead of the sleeker leather design that the show had been known for, the writers put together a costume that was more in line with the comics and had no sleeves. Some liked it. Some didn't.

When Barry and Oliver were working together for their second crossover, Barry pointed out the fact that Oliver wasn't wearing sleeves anymore. He asked him if he got cold, to which Oliver explained that he was stranded on a deserted island for five years and that he "didn't get cold." This meme has a different story to tell, though, pointing out the fact the time when Oliver nearly died after being thrown off of a mountainside, covered in snow.


When DC began crafting their cinematic universe to try and compete with the MCU, many people were wondering if it would feature the heroes from the CW shows or have completely different versions altogether. Unfortunately, the latter was true, as there are multiple versions of Superman and Flash that exist in the DCEU and the Arrowverse respectively.

When asked about how he felt about there being a new Flash, Grant Gustin felt alright the whole situation, but Stephen Amell wanted something a little more when it came to casting in the DCEU. That being said, this meme points out the dichotomy of their reactions. Grant Gustin is sporting that classic sunglasses meme and being cool, while Oliver is ready to fight the DC executives with his classic, "You have failed," line.


My name is Oliver Queen. After five years, I have returned home with only one goal: to save my city. If you didn't read that in Stephen Amell's voice, then you're a dirty liar. After this intro became a trademark to Arrowit was later brought into the most, if not all, of the other CW shows. Barry Allen talks about being the Fastest Man Alive and Kara goes into a description of her Kryptonian heritage.

However, we never see how Oliver feels about this whole theft of his gimmick. Luckily, we have memes to help our imagination. Apparently, Oliver feels a little robbed that Supergirl and Flash stole his thing. Regardless of how annoying these intros are, Oliver was the one who did it first.


When Oliver came back to Starling City, he did so with the goal of righting his family's wrongs and making it a safer place to live. Because of this, he would hunt down the powerful criminals who disguised themselves as wealthy businessmen trying to help the community, and bring them to justice with his fighting skills and his ability to use a bow. He would kill them, but just before performing the final blow, he would tell that they failed the city.

This meme provides an accurate depiction of how an altercation between Oliver and Barry of the same magnitude would occur. Oliver would tell him that he failed the city and fire an arrow. Then, with a smile on his face, Barry would catch the arrow and only provide more frustration for Ollie.


In Arrow season 5, Oliver was faced with his greatest foe yet: Prometheus. This dark archer wanted to prove to Oliver that he was a killer rather than a true hero. One episode saw him kidnapping Oliver and forcing him to admit that he killed because he wanted to and liked it rather than because he felt the obligation to.

Have you ever wondered what a confrontation between Prometheus and Barry would like, then? Luckily, you don't have to wonder anymore, as is this meme gives us a pretty good idea. Instead of trying to get Barry to admit that he liked killing, Prometheus is instead trying to get him to confess that he changes timelines because he wants to and likes every minute of it. Can we actually have this for The Flash season four?


Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, being the fast friends that they were, quickly held together the entire Arrowverse. Oliver took on the mentor role, wanting the speedster to go down a much lighter path in the end. However, the two had plenty of conflict in just a few years, and this has led to some different relationships being created.

Moving forward to this meme, it's clear that the creators are parodying Captain America: Civil War. Instead of Cap and Bucky, it's Flash and Supergirl with Green Arrow taking the place of Iron Man. The most painful part of the entire meme is that, if it came down to it, we could totally see Barry siding with Kara to fight Oliver. It's not his fault that he's a no-nonsense, brooding vigilante who makes tough decisions.


Barry Allen is known as the speedster who never learns (he really isn't, we just made that up). After messing around with time in the first few seasons, he altered the timeline beyond repair and created a complicated time loop that ended with him becoming a villain somehow.

Yet, this meme supposes that an even greater change happened as a result of Barry's actions. Instead of the "Invasion" crossover, all of the Arrowverse heroes are lined up and caught smack dab in the middle of Team Iron and Team Captain America from Captain America: Civil War. After the meme gets a cute Batman V Superman reference with the whole "are they with you" line, Green Arrow quickly puts two and two together and immediately throws a jab at Barry.


Once it was confirmed that Barry saving his mom would result in the Arrowverse's version of "Flashpoint", there was a lot of excitement as to what it would the world would look like after Barry's brash decision. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything like the comic and only lasted a single episode with minimal impact on the present timeline.

Thankfully, some brilliant meme artists have imagined what an ideal version of the "Flashpoint" world would've been like had the show followed the comics. If you look closely, you'll see that Oliver and Barry have switched suits. Could you imagine a Flash intro in Stephen Amell's voice and vice versa for Arrow? Plus, the idea of seeing a muscular Flash and a scrawny Green Arrow has us dying of laughter.

Which of these memes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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