Arrow: Johann Urb Digs Up Vigilante's 'Ancient History,' Teases Team Up

Vigilante might be turning over a new leaf. In "We Fall," last week's episode of Arrow, he openly betrayed Cayden James' cabal when he executed one of his teammates right in front of Oliver Queen. Now, in "All for Nothing," he may have to give up his lone wolf lifestyle in order help Teams Arrow prevent a thermobaric bomb from detonating inside Star City. According to Vigilante actor Johann Urb, the character just might be willing to make that leap thanks to his love for Dinah "Black Canary" Drake.

Speaking to CBR, Urb opened up about Vigilante's mindset as the character dives into the battle to save Star City. He teased flashbacks to Vincent's "ancient history" with Dinah, whether fans will get a glimpse of his life after his "death" in Central City and how his dynamic with Green Arrow has changed since he betrayed Cayden James. He also discussed Vigilante's relationship with Dinah, what it was like to work with Black Canary actress Juliana Harkavy, his favorite moment from the episode and more.

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CBR: In last week's episode, Vigilante openly betrayed Cayden James. How would describe his mindset heading into tonight's episode?

Urb: I think there's a lot of -- you know, the stakes are very high right now. Obviously, Cayden James is no dummy, so Vigilante is playing a very, very dangerous game, but the stakes couldn't be higher so he's doing the right thing. I think the love that he feels for Dinah and that connection really has made things a lot clearer for him, what's important and what's right. He's not thinking about being a lone wolf anymore, but really also just getting some help from New Team Arrow and there's trust that's being built. Yeah, it's an exciting time.

When it comes to Dinah and Vincent's relationship, we've seen quite a bit of Dinah's side of the story. Can you talk a little bit about the way he views Dinah?

From my perspective, Vigilante has been a lone wolf and really just doing what he thought was right this whole time. Nobody else was doing it. Green Arrow's kind of gone soft on him, you know? So he filled those shoes basically, from his perspective. Then Dinah and what she's up to and they're just -- gosh. I think the love -- that reconnection -- is really what is driving him right now, because he's seen light again in his life. He's not just a man on a mission of revenge and anger and hate, but really this is the relationship and the energy that's pulling him out of that hole and making him more human again. It's a beautiful, beautiful journey for him, and I think that in this next episode we'll see some more of their history and how we got here and their connection. Everything is going to make a lot more sense as well.

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What has it been like for you to work so closely with Juliana Harkavy?

Oh, it's been really, really wonderful. She is just a beautiful, beautiful human being. She's so generous and kind and we've become fast friends. It's been really wonderful to -- and especially in this coming episode -- you'll see, like I said, more of our history, so it's nice that we got to really become friends over a period of time before we went and shot our past. So the relationship, I think, is really authentic and deep and based on the reality of us actually being friends and really liking each other. She's one of the most generous and giving actresses I've ever worked with, and so open. It's been a dream. I couldn't imagine anybody else in that role... She really is next level and amazing.

Vigilante spent a lot of time lying low, using his death as a cover. Will we get a chance to see more of what he's been up to since his alleged death?

We're going to see some more sort of ancient history first, certainly. I mean, I think there's a possibility and the show does a lot of flashbacks, so certainly there's the chance of exploring that and I'm excited for that idea, certainly. Whether or not I can tell you if it's happening or not, I can't tell you, but I think that there's certainly a lot of rich history to be explored there.

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Despite their similarities, Vigilante and Green Arrow have a rather contentious relationship. How have recent events changed their dynamic?

I think, for Vigilante, he always just felt that Green Arrow just got soft, basically. You know, he wasn't finishing the job, and not really realizing himself that he was perhaps pushing a little too hard, that you can achieve the same result by not going to the lengths that he was going to. I think Dinah, again, has really been very illuminating in that department, where he's realized that there are other ways to bring people to justice than just to put a bullet in them. So through that journey as well, I think there's more trust that's being built. There's going to be more seeing eye-to-eye more with the Green Arrow as well, and the possibility of working together or not having such a bad relationship. [laughs]

What is the transition from lone wolf to team player like for Vigilante?

I think, again, it comes down to the same thing we just talked about, which is realizing there are other ways to handle things. There isn't just one way. Also, realizing there's power in numbers and, because Vincent trusts Dinah, there's really an opening there for teamwork. He feels that he can trust someone, and I think that's a first in a long, long time and that's what's bringing him out of that darker phase of his life.

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What character besides Dinah would you like to see Vigilante interact with more?

That's a good question. I haven't thought about that one. I think the Green Arrow would be good, because there's been a lot of energy between those two guys. So there's a lot of things there that could be explored. But the whole team is quite remarkable and amazing -- or the two teams right now. So I think there's a lot of possibility for a lot of different interesting dynamics and relationships and segues that could be taking place. So I'm open!

Do you have a favorite moment or scene that you can tease?

Gosh, there's a lot of favorite moments in this episode. You know, there's a lot of tension... I really love this episode.

So you'd say you're excited for the episode as a whole, then?

Exactly! [laughs]

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, Arrow airs Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzales, Willa Holland and more.

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