Did Arrow Just Tease A Connection to DC's Live-Action Titans?

Deathstroke on Arrow

Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson has been a fan-favorite character ever since his first appearance on The CW's Arrow Season 1. His continuous and increasingly comic-accurate guest appearances have shown that Warner Bros. truly recognizes viewers' desire to see more of the mercenary. In fact, the past two episodes of Arrow, "Deathstroke Returns" and "Promises Kept," effectively worked as a Slade Wilson-centric two-parter. Not only did the series manage to showcase Deathstroke in the present in a way he had never been before on the series, it also highlighted moments from his past, featuring his son Joe, in flashback segments.

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Arrow's take on Deathstroke is so solid that some fans have been vocal about wanting Bennett to star in another DC production currently in development: Titans. The live-action series is set to debut on DC Entertainment's own upcoming streaming service, and considering that Deathstroke is one of young superhero team's biggest villain, he's a character who absolutely should appear on the series, so it makes sense that the latest episode of Arrow, "Promises Kept," appears to have teased a connection between the two series.

In the present, we saw Slade try to save his son Joe, only to find out that he had become the leader of a gang of mercenaries known as the Jackals. The episode highlighted Slade's attempt to reconnect with his murderous son, while showing us how Joe once followed in his father's footsteps by joining the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. It turns out that Joe was a lot like his father in a lot of ways. He looked up to Slade as a soldier, and he had a penchant of his own for swords, guns... and killing people. In that way, the series' portrayal of Joe was a lot more in line with the comic version of Slade's other son, Grant Wilson.

In the comics, Grant was not only inspired by Deathstroke, he had a costume of his own, one that was similar to his father's. He went by the codename Ravager, and he was also an enemy of the Teen Titans. His brother Joe, or Joseph, was quite the opposite. Going by the codename Jericho, the mute member of the Teen Titans has the ability to take control of other people's bodies.


The big Arrow surprise came near the end of "Promises Kept," when Joe reveals that Slade has another son, one he never knew about, named Grant. Considering that the Joe we've met on Arrow is similar to the comic book version of Grant, could the unseen Grant then be inspired by the comic book version of Joe, and actually be the Teen Titan known as Jericho?

Arrow has been known to play around with the portrayals of its comics-inspired characters, having introduced ideas like Yao Fei as the "first" Green Arrow, or Billy Wintergreen as the "first" Deathstroke. We wouldn't put it past the show, then, to switch up the name of Slade's two sons in a bid to keep things interesting, while finding a way to remain faithful to the source material.

2 Deathstroke and Teen Titans

"Promises Kept" ended with Slade leaving, disappearing behind a screen of smoke while vowing that he would find his sons. This could easily be Slade's departure from the series, a walking-off-into-the-sunset type of moment that would be an effective conclusion for the character on Arrow. But this could also just as easily be a way to spin the character off to another show.

So, could Slade's search for his sons lead him all the way to another DC series? It's certainly possible. In fact, it's been done before when Matt Ryan's John Constantine made the jump from his own NBC series to The CW's Arrowverse. The opposite could surely be achievable. Many fans would love to see more of Manu Bennett's Deathstroke, even if that means shifting his role to another series altogether -- something Bennet has openly discussed as an option he'd love to explore.

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Little is actually known about the Titans series, but the addition of Bennett's Slade Wilson would be a strong selling point as people contemplate signing up for DC's new streaming service. With his sons in tow, the series would then be able to adapt some classic comic book stroylines on the small screen, much to the delight of Teen Titans fans everywhere. Whatever happens, here's hoping that we haven't seen the last of Bennett's Deathstroke.

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