Missed Connections: 16 Arrowverse Ships Better Than What We Have Right Now

In case you're not familiar with shipping, it means to support or to have a particular interest in a romantic pairing between two fictional characters. More often than not, this relationship is entirely fan-made. Shipping has become an integral part of any fandom, be it comic books, television shows, anime or even video games. And fans don't really require all that much to start shipping two people together. Most of us are not above engaging in this activity. We see two characters in a non-romantic setting and we start shipping it because in our minds they're somehow meant for each other.

The Arrowverse, of course, has no shortage of these co-called ships. And while Olicity and WestAllen are now as canon as they can be, other popular ships never sailed. Nevertheless, across all four shows, the fans are shipping away. After all, even if you know your ship is never going to become canon you can't stop shipping, no more than you can force yourself to stop being in love. Fans usually take their ships pretty seriously and will go to extreme lengths for their sake. So, today we're taking a look at 15 Arrowverse ships that could have been, perhaps should have been, but didn't quite make it.

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Supergirl Lena Luthor Samantha Arias
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Supergirl Lena Luthor Samantha Arias

Once the cast of Supergirl sunk the Supercorp ship the fans looked for a suitable replacement. And no, it wasn’t Lena and James, but rather Lena and Reign, aka Samantha Arias. It was obvious that Lena and Sam knew each other before the events of season three, although, we didn't know exactly to what extent. This has led fans to theorize that perhaps a new relationship was on the horizon, hence ReignCorp was born.

The ship still has somewhat of a following, although pairings like Supercorp and, more recently, Agent Reign seem to be more popular. But due to the close friendship between these two characters and somewhat ambiguous past the ReignCorp ship lives on. Even though, the idea of Lena and James as couple is growing on us, we wouldn’t mind seeing this development either.


Arrow Oliver Queen Helena

Back in season one, Arrow introduced an iconic DC Comics character, Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress. After being set up by her father, Helena and Oliver develop something resembling a friendship which turns into a partnership and a very short-lived relationship. Realizing they had different goals in life, the two split up, but part of the Arrowverse fandom never got over their relationship, and desperately want her to be brought back.

It’s possible that the fans saw this ship as a viable replacement for Lauliver.

The Huntress was seen as Arrow’s version of Black Canary and the romance between her and Oliver as an alternative for the popular comic book relationship that fans know and love. And if we’re being honest, Oliver and Helena did have strong chemistry and probably could have been Arrow’s power couple.

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Legends of Tomorrow Mick Rory Leonard Snart

A friendship like the one Mick Rory and Leonard Snart had is not easy to find. Many of us are never lucky enough to have such a loyal friend. And while the relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave was mostly interpreted as friendship, some fans saw it as something more. The Coldwave ship is actually incredibly popular among Arrowverse fans with tones of fanfiction written about it.

And we have to admit, it would have been one hell of a ride had the writers chose to reveal that Mick and Snart were actually romantically involved. Of course, this would complicate things even further when Mick betrayed the Legends and became Chronos in season one. However, the way things are now, it’s safe to say Coldwave won’t happen.


Supergirl Kara Danvers Barry Allen

Fans usually don’t need much to start shipping two characters. The process is simple: you see two characters in a non-romantic scene and you ship it. So, when Barry Allen visited Kara on Supergirl the SuperFlash ship was born. Once Supergirl joined the Arrowverse the shipping intensified, although the ship never became overly popular.

But if we’re being honest, we can totally see Barry and Kara as a couple -- they would be perfect for each other.

They’re both lovable nerds who despite all odds manage to keep a positive outlook on life (most of the time) and most of all they're all about protecting the people they love. They’re basically the same person. And what little interaction they did have showed that they can work well together both as Supergirl and the Flash, and as Kara and Barry.


The Flash Cisco Ramon Lisa Snart

Before Gypsy came into the picture, the adorable nerd Cisco Ramon had another love interest. No, not Kendra. We’re talking about Leonard Snart’s sister Lisa, aka the Golden Glider. The fans started shipping these two characters after their very first meeting in season one. In season two, the pair even shared a kiss, which gave the fans all the more reason and hope to ship Cisco with Lisa.

However, nothing ever really came to pass and Lisa, as well as the Goldenvibe ship, have apparently been abandoned by the writers. Still, they could have pulled off an interesting story arc with Lisa coming back to join Team Flash after her brother’s heroic sacrifice. Of course, this would spark an old flame and we’d get a pretty amazing couple.


The Flash Arrow Barry Allen Felicity Smoak

When Barry Allen first appeared on Arrow many fans were quick to point out that he and Felicity would make a great couple. Although, Olicity had already taken off and the episode confirmed Barry had feelings for Iris, some fans were still reluctant to give up their ship. And one can see where they're coming from. While, at the time, Olicity was adorable, the writers have since essentially killed it. On the other hand, Barry and Iris had awful chemistry from the get-go.

It’s easy to see how pairing Barry with Felicity would seem like a very appealing alternative.

They are both adorkable cinnamon rolls, which is even more evident when they’re together. In "Going Rogue", we saw just how compatible Barry and Felicity are when they went to Trivia Night with Iris and Eddie.


Arrow Felicity Smoak Ray Palmer

While Olicity may have started off as the fan-favorite ship, overtime it became the most hated ship in the entire fandom. Currently, the prevailing opinion in the Arrowverse fandom seems to be that Olicity ruined Arrow irreparably. This begs the question, would the show have been better off pairing up Felicity with Ray Palmer? Well, quite possibly yes.

Emily Bett Rickards and Brandon Routh had excellent chemistry together, but the ship was ruined by horrible writing. If the writers had actually bothered to give these two a fighting chance we might have gotten a much better ship than Olicity. The Raylicity ship had all the makings of a great relationship and had the writers stuck with it, they could have avoided some rather questionable decisions which were primarily influenced by Olicity.


The Flash Barry Allen Patty Spivot

In season two we were introduced to Patty Spivot, a young CCPD Detective and member of the Anti-Metahuman Task Force. If you’re a comic book fan, you knew right off the bat that Patty was gonna be Barry’s season two love interest. But even if you didn’t know anything about the comics, you could have seen this coming from a mile away based on their very first interaction.

Barry and Patty’s chemistry was evident from the beginning and it wasn’t hard to imagine these two as a couple.

Something, that sadly cannot be said of the series official and current pairing, Barry and Iris. Barry and Patty were fun to watch and had some pretty awesome moments together, hint: their adorable blind date from season two, episode five.


Crisis on Earth-X Alex Danvers Sara Lance

The awesome Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" had a lot to offer and provided us with tons of excitement. It also introduced a new ship for fans to ponder about: Agent Canary. Sara and Alex hooked up the night before Barry and Iris’s wedding and shared some pretty awkward encounters afterwards, although the awkwardness mostly came from Alex while Sara was as sassy as always.

The fans had a positive reaction to the development and soon started rooting for the relationship to turn into something more than a one-night stand. However, the two went their separate ways and Sara seems to be falling for Ava now, so it doesn’t look like Agent Canary will sail. Still, it would have been so awesome to witness a romantic relationship develop between these two amazing women.


Legends of Tomorrow Amaya Jiwe Mick Rory

Despite the tireless efforts of the Legends of Tomorrow writers to sell us on the idea of Nate and Amaya being in love, we’re still not buying it. It’s not that we have a problem with either of the actors of the characters on their own, it’s just that as a couple they don’t work. The whole ordeal reminds us just a tad too much of first season’s misconceived pairing of Ray and Kendra.

Nate and Amaya’s relationship is even more frustrating due to the fact that Amaya had much better chemistry with another Legend, Mick Rory.

If you’ll recall, in season two these two had some pretty interesting interactions, leading some to believe the writers were setting them up as the Legends’ next couple. And it's a shame they didn't go with this ship since it would undoubtedly be more interesting than what we got.


Supergirl Alex Danvers Samantha Arias

Ever since episode 12 of season three of Supergirl rolled out, theories about possible romantic developments in the relationship between Alex Danvers and Samantha Arias ensued. After confiding in Alex about her memory loss issues, Sam agrees to have Alex run some tests in order to find out what may be the cause. The two shared a couple of very endearing scenes, although, most fans interpreted it as simple friendship.

However, some seem to believe the relationship between the two women is slowly building up to something more. With Maggie gone -- apparently for good -- and Sam having to deal with all this stuff on her own, we’re kind of hoping this ship sails. They could both use some emotional support and love in their lives.


Arrow Oliver Queen Laurel Lance

Even those who don’t support either Lauliver or Olicity will have a thing or two to say about this pairing. At the start of the show, the majority of the fans expected and hoped that Oliver and Laurel are going to be endgame. However, the introduction of a certain blond IT girl changed everything.

In fact, it is quite possible that Lauliver was supposed to be endgame before the fans took a liking to Felicity and started shipping her with Oliver.

The writers broke under pressure to make the fans happy and Lauliver was abandoned in favor of Olicity. However, since Olicity became Arrow's cancer, we’re wondering if the writers made the right choice. Sure, Laurel and Oliver didn’t seem like the best match at the beginning but with better writing and more time they could have had a chance to become the iconic couple we know and love.


Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance Leonard Snart

And to think we almost had this one -- re-watching the Legends of Tomorrow season one finale still makes us teary-eyed. After a series of friendly and flirtatious interactions between Sara and Snart, we finally got a Captain Canary kiss. Only problem is it was moments before Snart’s death. And even though it’s been two years since the events of the first season took place, we still can’t let go of the idea of Sara and Leonard together.

The entire first season was filled with adorable little Captain Canary moments. From their witty banter to the way they protected each other and confided in each other, it was obvious Sara Lance and Leonard Snart started developing feelings for one another. Snart even entertained the idea of the two of them having a future together, which could have been an awesome development.


Supergirl Kara Danvers Lena Luthor

The Supercorp ship took over the fandom with incredible speed. After only one episode, fanfiction works were being published on AO3 and Supercorp soon became the largest femslash ship, and one of the largest Arrowverse ships in general.

It is undeniable that the two women have chemistry on-screen, something the actress Katie McGrath, who plays Lena Luthor, noticed herself.

Many of their friendly interactions and gestures can be interpreted as romantic or at the very least as having romantic undertones. The writers haven’t firmly confirmed nor denied the possibility of Lena and Kara’s friendship developing into something more, so Supercorp shippers remain hopeful. And it’s easy to see why this ship took off. From the very beginning, the writers have struggled with pairing up Kara with her male co-stars. Even the current canon ship Karamel pales in comparison to what Kara has with Lena.


Arrow Sara Lance Nyssa al' Ghul

You might be wondering why this ship is even on the list, since Sara and Nyssa were in a relationship. Well, so were Ray and Felicity, but neither of these are current canon relationships. And judging by the recent developments on Legends of Tomorrow, it’s safe to say that Sara will soon be starting a relationship with Ava Sharpe. And while we don’t precisely have anything against Ava, we’re still hoping that Sara and Nyssa will end up together.

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It's just so clear that the two of them are meant for each other. Whenever Nyssa pops up, it’s painfully obvious that she still has feelings for Sara. And recently, Sara admitted that she thinks of going back to Nyssa all the time. So, why can’t the writers give us and these two women what we want? This ship needs to be canon once again.


The Flash Barry Allen Caitlin Snow

Despite the fact that pretty much everyone knew Barry and Iris are endgame, a lot of fans saw Barry and Caitlin as The Flash's OTP -- which if you’re not familiar with the shipping vernacular stands for one true pairing. From the very beginning, it was obvious that the actors, and by extension their characters, had great chemistry.

But it goes far beyond having chemistry -- it's as if the writers even considered Snowbarry as an official pairing but gave up halfway.

This adorable pair meets all requirements for a good ship. They work well together, they fight like a couple, they save each other, and they overcome their fears together, and well, you get the picture. Don’t even get us started on how Caitlin couldn’t kill Barry even while she was Killer Frost. And this is just scratching the surface. If you need more convincing, head to YouTube.

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