Arrow, Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers: September 27th Comic Reel


Actress Jessica de Gouw spoke with KSiteTV about her upcoming portrayal of Helena Bertinelli/Huntress on "Arrow."

"Helena comes from a very difficult upbringing [than Oliver]," de Gouw told KSiteTV. "They're her family, but I think she differs from them in her ideals and what she thinks is right. It creates a conflict for her, whereas Oliver's trying to do what his father wants. Helena is the opposite. It's pretty bold; she has to be a bold person to follow through. ... They come from such different backgrounds and circumstances, but I think there's something very similar about them, and I think that's where that attraction comes from. They find something in each other that they can relate to, and they can appreciate."

de Gouw also teased her costuming both as Helena and Huntress.

"There are hints of purple in most things. Just a little dab here and there, just to suggest the right things, but it's definitely part of her costume, certainly," she said. As for the costume, the actress remained coy about the design -- or if it'll show up at all. "You will see! It'll be great, whatever you get to see. It will be fabulous. I promise you. I've seen it, so I can promise it's really something. That's all you're getting."

Premieres October 10 on the CW


According to Spinoff Online, a new report indicates that "Thor: The Dark World" will encompass all Nin Realms of the Asgardian universe. That means fans will get to see six new realms beyond Asgard, Midgard (Earth) and Jotunheim, which were introduced in "Thor." It would definitely explain why "Thor: The Dark World" has so many sets.

Opens November 8, 2013


With "The Avengers" DVD/Blu-ray release earlier this week, Movies.com spoke with Clark Gregg about his role as Agent Coulson and the ever-present question of whether he'll have the opportunity to return to the role.

"I don't know that we'll see Agent Coulson again, but I still do his voice in their animated series, 'Ultimate Spider-Man,' and you never know there may be a flashback at some time," Gregg told Movies.com. "I've certainly pitched the prequel show with Budapest, Clint and Natasha and Coulson, but they seem really focused on looking ahead to the future. The stuff I write and direct tends to be a little small and indie, but I've definitely talked to Marvel lately about ways I can continue working with him, perhaps as a writer or a director."

I'd watch that show.

Now on DVD/Blu-ray


Billy Connolly, who plays Dain Ironfoot in "The Hobbit, spoke with Vulture about his impression of the film and how closely it relates to Tolkien's original text.

"I mean, the scripts are brilliant, very good, "ut I always disagree with people who think the movie should be like the book. A movie's a movie, and the book's a book," Connelly told Vulture. "Martin Freeman is absolutely brilliant. That was one of the first things I saw. And I'm going to get into trouble again if I say this, but we're filming faster [at 48 frames per second] than we normally would, with special equipment, and in 3D ... Our 3D just makes it glow. It looks like a cartoon, but the people are real. And it's shiny. And it's real."

Opens December 14


Here's a new trailer for Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph," featuring a brief look at a few other franchises contained in the film, including "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Street Fighter."

Opens November 2


CBR spoke with "Young Justice: Invasion" head honcho Greg Weisman about the series with two new clips of the upcoming season.

"We had two-year game plan from pretty much day one," Weisman told CBR. "I'm not saying I knew every single detail of Season 2 back when we were breaking Season 1, because we didn't. But the BIG thrust of it we had. We knew exactly where we were going and what seeds we wanted to plant in Season 1 to get there. We knew we were going to do the time skip and all that stuff almost from the very beginning - certainly before even one episode of the show had aired."

Airs Saturdays at 10:30 AM/9:30 AM on Cartoon Network


First up, an unseen trailer for the original "Spider-Man" 2002 film has surfaced online that reveals Peter Parker toying with a mechanical webshooter!

Second, Honest Trailers has lampooned "The Avengers." The clip speaks for itself.

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