Arrow: 5 Things We Already Know About Mia Smoak (And 5 Questions We Need Answered)

Arrow season 7 introduced flashforwards in the premiere, offering a look at Star City and the Glades in 2040. Those scenes have included older versions of characters from the present (William, Roy, Dinah and Zoe). They've also introduced Kat McNamara's character, who was only known as Blackstar in the beginning. The others tracked her down because they found a connection to Felicity. According to Dinah, Felicity became evil and was killed. They thought Blackstar was helping her.

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However, "Star City Slayer" revealed the truth about Blackstar, including her full name, Mia Smoak. Not only is it important, but it may change everything that's been said in the future thus far.

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10 Know: She Was the Last Person Felicity Called Before Her Possible Demise

Roy, William, Dinah and Zoe found Felicity's bunker, and William hacked into her system. He brought up the last file she accessed: structural maps of all the buildings in Star City and schematics to build explosives. It looked like a plan to level Star City.

William then looked into who she contacted last. Felicity's last call out was to Blackstar, a.k.a. Mia Smoak, her daughter. She clearly was protecting Mia's identity from whoever may have been able to access her files, despite the security protocols she put in place. It may also be of importance that someone named "MC Queen" was listed on Felicity's call log.

9 Don't Know: What Were She and Felicity Working on Before Felicity's End?

Arrow Mia Broker

During their initial conversation, Mia told William, Dinah ad Zoe that she and Felicity only worked together sometimes. She said she worked as a broker, and what Felicity asked for were mechanisms for triggering a bomb. The others assumed she was working with Felicity to blow up Star City and may have even killed her. With the reveal that Mia's Felicity's daughter, that clearly wasn't the case.

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However, someone is trying to blow up the city in the future, and it's likely that Felicity and Mia were working to stop that person. So, what exactly were they doing? How much of what Mia said in that first conversation is true?

8 Know: She's Using the Codename Blackstar

Arrow Mia Blackstar Codename

Dinah, William and Zoe first met Mia as Blackstar. That was the name listed on Felicity's call log and the name Mia went by in a fight club. She didn't offer them an alternative when she told them she worked with Felicity sometimes and was a broker.

Then, when she and Connor were alone, he called her Mia. However, once they were around the others, he used her codename. It wasn't until she knew who William was that she shared her real name with the others.

7 Don't Know: Why Didn't She and William Recognize Each Other?

Arrow Mia William

A popular fan theory before Mia even appeared on-screen was that she would be Oliver and Felicity's daughter. However, then she and William didn't recognize each other. William did tell Roy that Oliver and Felicity abandoned him, though the timeline of that is unclear. In the present, he just went to live with his grandparents in Central City, but Oliver and Felicity still planned to see him. It was during their goodbyes that Felicity received the call that she was pregnant.

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Is it simply that William and Mia haven't seen each other in years? There has to be more to the story. At first, it seemed like Oliver and Felicity might not have seen William after he went to boarding school. That clearly wasn't the case.

6 Know: She Doesn't Like Vigilantes

Arrow Mia Vigilante Hate

Mia has made her dislike of vigilantes very clear. "You want to come in here and judge me?" She asked Dinah when the others tracked her down, "At least I'm not lying to everyone, pretending to be some kind of hero. At least I'm not a vigilante." Dinah claimed Mia was "part of the reason" for Star City's fall, but Mia said it was Dinah's fault.

Then, after watching the "pro-vigilante garbage" documentary about Oliver and the others, she and Connor found the old bunker. "Vigilantes were the death of Star City," she said. "And they got exactly what they deserved."

5 Don't Know: Why Does She Hate Dinah and Zoe?

Arrow Mia Dinah Zoe

While Mia has made her dislike of vigilantes clear, her identity calls into question what she seemingly has against Dinah and Zoe in particular. (She has yet to interact with Roy or Rene.) She's also working with Connor, John Diggle's son, who told Roy and Dinah that he knew everything he needed to about them. Presumably, she feels the same way.

Arrow has yet to reveal why that is. Is it simply because they're vigilantes? Or did something happen to give Mia a reason to dislike her parents' former teammates?

4 Know: She's a Great Fighter

Arrow Mia Fighter

When the others first saw Mia, she was participating in a fight club. Blood and bruises weren't enough to keep her down, even when it looked like she'd lose. She won, and it clearly wasn't the first time.

Fans also saw that she could more than hold her own not just against random people in cages, but also against vigilantes. In "Star City Slayer," Connor failed to keep an eye on Roy and Dinah while Mia talked to William. While Roy got the edge on Connor, Mia took down Dinah and was the one who came out on top, holding a knife to the older woman's throat.

3 Don't Know: Is She Right That Felicity Is Alive?

Arrow Mia Felicity Alive

When Roy and William first returned to Star City, they thought they would find Felicity. Then, Dinah told them she became evil and was killed. However, in "Star City Slayer," Mia revealed to William that Felicity's alive. She wanted to use the Archer Program to find her. When he asked how she knew that, she said she just did.

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It's possible that Mia could have found something since William first told her Felicity was dead that contradicted that information. It could also simply be that she's just hoping her mother isn't dead. It's unclear which may be the case.

2 Know: She's Felicity and Oliver's Daughter

Arrow Mia Smoak

There was heavy foreshadowing leading up to the reveal in season 7 episode 13. Her reactions to the news of Felicity's possible end (in "Unmasked") and Oliver being William's father were particularly telling. It was after learning the latter that she knew William was her brother.

Furthermore, there was a perfect transition from Felicity in the present to Mia in the future in "Star City Slayer." Mia revealed her full name — Mia Smoak — and familial connection when she told William he wouldn't shoot her. "I'm Felicity's daughter and your sister," she said.

1 Don't Know: What's Her Relationship Like With Oliver?

Arrow Mia Oliver

The flashforwards are being very vague about Oliver's fate, likely due to his deal with the Monitor in "Elseworlds." The terms of the deal probably won't be revealed until the next crossover, "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Is that why Mia is anti-vigilante? Did she grow up without her father?

She introduced herself as Mia Smoak, not Queen. (However, the Queen last name could simply be the problem.) She also identified herself as Felicity's daughter, not Oliver and Felicity's, though he is her father. What does that all mean about Mia and Oliver's relationship?

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