'Arrow'-themed prom dress doesn't fail this high school fan

When her high school was failed by an "awful" prom theme -- "Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land)" could only be the work of Ra's al Ghul -- Danielle Taylor set out to make things right ... by attending in a dress inspired by Arrow.

In a Facebook post written to series star Stephen Amell, Taylor showcases photos of herself in an emerald-green gown, hood and matching sneakers (for a round of after-prom crimefighting, undoubtedly), and carrying a bow. Her friend Ashlyn, dressed in red, stood in for The Flash.

"I got a lot of stares at prom," she explains, "and then the day after I heard people asking other people if they saw the girl with the hood, and then proceeding to ask who it was! Little did they know that it was me. So a hood really does hide your identity!"

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