Arrow, The Walking Dead, Justice League: October 9th Comic Reel


"Arrow" executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, star Stephen Amell and DC CCO Geoff Johns attended a press conference for the CW series, which debuts tomorrow, and spoke about the general direction of the show as well as the introduction of some other DC characters.

"We want everybody to like this show," Kreisberg said. "If you've never picked up a comic book, if you have no idea who the Green Arrow is, you have no idea what DC Comics is, you can watch this show, come into this show and really enjoy it. And yet, if you are a huge fan of the comics and Green Arrow, you see enough of the DNA in the comic books and enough of what makes the comic book special."

It was also revealed at the press conference that actor Currie Graham will portray the leader of the Royal Flush Gang, King, which the show will introduce as grounded villains.

Premieres October 10 on the CW


It's a veritable treasure trove of television premieres this week as "The Walking Dead" begins its third season this Sunday. Actress Danai Gurira spoke with Digital Spy about her role as Michonne and how the show stays true to the roots of the character.

"We all know that the TV show has never literally interpreted the book -- it always does its own thing," Gurira told Digital Spy. "It's a different genre of storytelling so it has to, of course. It would be wretchedly predictable if it did follow the book to the letter. This Michonne... definitely a lot of the same aspects are there, but she is reinterpreted for the screen and we will see how people respond to that. Ultimately I think we've retained a lot of who she is known to be, but when someone comes to life there have to be some differences from what is there on the page."

AMC has also released a preview of the premiere episode entitled "Seed."

Premieres October 14 on AMC


A new TV spot has surfaced for "Skyfall" featuring some cool new footage of Bond, motorcycles, gunfire and explosions.

Opens November 9


Rumors continue for Warner Bros' "Justice League" film, this time having to do with the casting of Batman. MovieHole reports that "Lone Ranger" lead actor Armie Hammer, who was cast as the Dark Knight in George Miller's failed "Justice League of America" film, may once again have the chance to take on the cape and cowl. MovieHole cites a "very good source" that Hammer is "back on WB's radar" for the role of Batman in "Justice League."

It's certainly an interesting rumor, but no confirmation so far on whether Hammer is actually being considered.


Jeff Wadlow continues his "Kick-Ass 2" behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter, this time with a look at Big Daddy's costume inside a glass case. While the photo shows no sign of Nicolas Cage, the actor has been previously confirmed to appear in the "Kick-Ass" sequel in flashback sequences.

Opens June 28, 2013


"Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra" co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino spoke with CBR at Comic-Con International 2012 about his work on the series and the first season finale of "Korra."

"Certainly when we came up with the idea, initially it was for a 12-episode series, which Bryan and I were really excited about, to just go all out and do this amazing little miniseries," DiMartino told CBR. "We designed it to have a really clear end to it -- that it could go on, but if this was it -- if this was all we got to do with Korra, you would have a satisfying end to the story. But we got more episodes, which is great, but we built it so that Korra has -- she's got aways to go, you know? She's not done kind of growing and learning about the spirit world and her spirituality and stuff, so that's really what we're going to be following throughout all these books is her spiritual growth and how she becomes the Avatar -- and what kind of Avatar she wants to be."


The first episode of the independent webseries "Batgirl: Spoiled" hit online yesterday. Check it out below.

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