Arrow: Amell Weighs in on Possible Romance with New Black Canary

Just because there's a new Black Canary on "Arrow" doesn't mean love is in the air for Oliver Queen -- yet. Though Green Arrow and Black Canary are star-crossed lovers in the comics, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case on "Arrow," at least according to star Stephen Amell. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Amell -- who plays the Emerald Archer -- discussed the possibility of a budding romance between the two characters.

“The idea that Oliver would end up with the Black Canary being Katie Cassidy or any new iteration thereof? To me, it could happen, it could not, but it’s certainly not destined to happen or pre-designed to happen,” Amell explained.

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“There have been feuding factions in the fan base -- people that call upon the comics and people that have lived in the universe of the show,” he continued. “I would say that we try to find a happy medium for both, try to live in the universe that the show has created where characters that weren’t a part of the Green Arrow mythos have become completely indispensable.”

“There are elements that you find in a TV show that make the show what they are, and that became Oliver’s relationship between Felicity and Diggle -- one character that’s completely original in terms of John Diggle, an ode to Andy Diggle, who wrote 'Year One,' and Felicity Smoak, who was plucked from the far reaches of the DC universe. Thea Queen also does not exist in the comics and I think that’s all stuff that’s important to remember," he added.

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He even went so far as to use HBO's "Game of Thrones" as an analogy for a show inspired -- rather than dictated -- by the events of its source material. “If you want to talk about 'Game of Thrones' now existing beyond the realm of the books, that was one of my favorite seasons of television ever,” he concluded. “I think that it would be a pretty two-dimensional world if you simply followed with what the comic said.”

This Black Canary, whose name is Dinah Drake, is very much a new element on the show. A metahuman with a sonic scream, Dinah was introduced just after the mid-season finale, but quickly won the hearts of Oliver and Team Arrow. She has become a regular face around the bunker; nevertheless, she's still forming a dynamic with the team, including Oliver himself.

Airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, “Arrow” stars Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne and Echo Callum.

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