Arrow: Amell Talks New Villains, Crossovers & His Favorite Season

When Arrow returns in October, Oliver Queen will be in the middle of his greatest challenge to date: fatherhood. In a round table discussion with the press at Comic-Con International, star Stephen Amell shared how Oliver will face not only having a kid in his life, but also how he's dealing with the losses suffered by Team Arrow at the hands of Prometheus. Amell also shared which season of the hit CW series has been his favorite so far, and how the crossover episodes affect his performance in the Arrowverse.

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"My first day on Season 6 was four consecutive scenes with Jack, who plays William," Amell said of his newest co-star. "I was incredibly nervous. Way more nervous than he was, because he was an unknown quantity in my mind. He and I had never really acted together. We had a scene where I was holding him close and was looking scared. We had a scene where we played with action figures. He’s 12 in the story and 14 in real life, and I was like, ‘I hope he’s good,' because we’re putting a lot of eggs in his basket in the beginning of Season 6. He was equal to the task. He was fantastic."

Asked if he knows where Arrow is going this season, Amell assured us he does, though the road to get there remains a mystery to the star. "You know, when I was sitting here last year at this time I knew exactly how Season 5 was going to go, and how it was going to end," he said. "I know how Season 6 will end but I do not know how we get there. It’s a bit of different year in terms of how we’re building things, how we’re introducing people, what the threat is, and I’m excited for it."

Speaking of threats, Amell explained how the show will top Prometheus from Season 5. "You don’t follow [him] up with one villain. Are you a fan of 24? [Arrow's villain is] not an actor from that show, although Paul Blackthorne being the main villain would just be tremendous on a number of levels. It’s more about the way that they introduced them on 24." Lost alum Michael Emerson will be playing one of these bad guys, perhaps with a revenge angle against someone from Team Arrow, while Anatoly will also be back as a potential antagonist for Oliver.

As for which season is his favorite so far, Amell didn't even hesitate to answer, "Five. If you want to see Oliver more broken down than he was around [episode] 5.16, 5.17, then you’re into some weird shit. What Chase did to him on a psychological level, I don’t think that we can match the emotional gravity of Season 5. I think there’s Season 1, there’s Season 5, then there’s whatever the last year of the show is. That doesn’t mean that Season 6 can’t be better. I’m very proud of Season 5."

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Amell then answered where Oliver's headspace will be in Season 6. "Oliver’s head space is actually pretty good. It’s fun coming back every year and talking with the writers and Wendy Mericle in particular, talking about all the little subtle changes. Whereas in seasons past Oliver would have given an order. Now it’s more a look and an acknowledgment, which I think is important. It’s little things."

As for how he approaches Arroverse's multi-show crossovers, Amell said they're not really all that different form filming an episode of Arrow. "I don’t change my tone," he said. "That’s one of the issues we ran into. For me, from a creative perspective, let’s bend to this world. Let’s not. It’s called the Arrowverse. Let’s just do what we do. Going to other shows, it’s great, there are people that work on Flash and Supergirl and Legends that have jobs that they were hired for from Arrow, that were promotions. It’s really cool to go and work with those people. Every set has a different vibe. People are like laughing and joking on The Flash set. The Supergirl set was like them trying to find themselves last year. Our set is like a metronome. It’s really cool to work with new people."

Arrow returns on a new night, Thursday, October 12 on the CW at 9 PM.

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