"Arrow" Star Manu Bennett Says He Feels "Humiliated" Following Arrest

During his panel over the weekend at Rose City Comic Con, "Arrow" actor Manu Bennett expressed regret over his recent arrest in Texas on charges of misdemeanor assault.

The actor's statement came 40 minutes into his panel, after he had answered questions about "Spartacus," "Arrow" and "The Hobbit." Until that point, he hadn't said anything about his arrest, nor had any fans asked him about it. Instead, he raised the subject himself as part of a response to a question about coping with career failures.

"I'm not going to hide about something that happened last week in Texas," Bennett said. "I'm a human being, I was out at night, drunk. .. As somebody who is very much in the public eye, I'm humiliated for myself, for my family, and as a representative of Maori culture."

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Early Sunday, Sept.13, police were called to the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio, Texas for "an assault in progress." Booking records indicate Bennett, who was in town for an appearance at Alamo City Comic Con, was taken into custody following a physical altercation, and charged with assault causing bodily injury.

The actor was held on $1,600, and released at about 1 p.m. The planned "Villains of 'Arrow'" panel at Alamo City was canceled.

Since the arrest, a number of witnesses have stepped forward with accounts that indicate Bennett's assault came following alleged harassment from another individual. According to the Newcastle Herald, the man Bennett is alleged to have assaulted reportedly had been making remarks about Karin Horen, the mother of the actor's three children, and her battle with cancer.

Eyewitness accounts dispute earlier reports that Bennett had been asked to leave the event prior to the altercation, saying the alleged victim was a drunken gatecrasher rather than an invited guest.

"Underbelly" star Matt Nable, who claims to have witnessed the altercation and the events leading up to it, told the Herald, "[Bennett] was very, very offended about what the man had said to him."

Bennett did not discuss details of the incident, nor did he mention Horen in his statement.

Bennett is best known in comics circles for playing Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Oliver Queen's mentor turned adversary, on the first three seasons of "Arrow." His credits also include "The Hobbit" (the Orc chieftain Azog), "Spartacus" (Crixus) and the upcoming "Shannara Chronicles" (Allanon).

CBR writer Joe Streckert contributed to this report.

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