Arrow: [SPOILER]'s Secret Identity Gets Outed

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Disbanded," the latest episode of "Arrow."

In "Disbanded," the latest episode "Arrow," a critical Season 5 character had his secret identity outed to the world: Prometheus. After a series of harsh defeats, Team Arrow finally got one up on Adrian Chase with a little help from the covert hacker group Helix. Using a photo from Helix's archives, Oliver and his crew released a photo of Prometheus unmasking himself to the police.

Of course, that's a lot harder than it sounds, because Chase is no fool. He had prepared for security cameras like this by using a piece of Kord Industries tech that scrambles photos. As such, Felicity needed to track down this tech so that she could reverse-engineer it. Fortunately for her, Team Arrow needed to break into Kord Industries to stop Anatoly and the Bratva, so she and Curtis were able to de-scramble the photo. The end result? A crystal clear photo of Chase wearing the Prometheus costume.

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Team Arrow immediately took that photo to the police, who authenticated the picture using three separate programs. They sent this information to Chase's handlers, seeing as he was in a federal witness protection program in light of the fact that he was "Green Arrow's" target. Chase's handlers immediately made a motion to capture Chase, but Chase acted too quickly for them. He killed one by throwing a pen into his eye; the other, by strangulation.

Shortly thereafter, Chase hijacked a car and took off. His last scene found him cruising by a handful of cop cars, whistling as he went. However, the cops were none the wiser as Prometheus slipped away from them once again.

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That doesn't mean Team Arrow is out of the woods just yet. They've made it more difficult for Prometheus to get the upper hand, but it's not impossible for him. Plus, they'll have their hands full with Felicity and her involvement in Helix, which grows ever shadier with each episode. Nevertheless, Team Arrow scored a victory in taking Chase by surprise.

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