Action-Packed Arrow Trailer Leaves Star City Ripe for a Takeover

With Team Arrow at odds with one another, Star City is ripe for the taking. A new midseason trailer for Arrow Season 6 shows Oliver's fractured team at each other's throats, even as Cayden James' plan swings into action.

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The trailer opens with a major, if not surprising, reveal: James is now in control of the city's entire infrastructure, which enables him to shut down all forms of communication. What's worse, James has no qualms about injuring innocent people in his quest for revenge. When Oliver tells him that he could injure innocents, James only points out that "you can save them." According to Diggle, the villain simply "wants to watch this city burn."

In the promo, Dinah Drake, Curtis Holt and Rene Ramirez go on to form their own super team. However, this quickly leads to strife with Oliver's original team, who stands by his side. In addition to fighting James' team, Oliver will ultimately come to blows with his former recruits. In fact, one scene seems to show the aftermath of a fight between Oliver and Black Canary, who ends up tied to a column. When Dinah demands to know what he's doing, he simply responds, "I'm saving this city." Oliver also appears to hold an arrow tip to Wild Dog's throat.

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The teaser also contains a few other surprising reveals, such as Oliver's daring rescue of his son William and William's trip to the bunker. Additionally, a villain seems to be lending Team Arrow a hand. "James is killing dozens of people. By tonight, it'll be hundreds," he tells a figure cloaked in darkness. Another scene shows Dinah pinned beneath a block of concrete, while she goes toe-to-toe with Black Siren in still another.

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, Arrow airs Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Willa Holland and more.

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