Arrow: Team Arrow's Casualties Revealed in Season 6 Premiere


Tonight fans of The CW's Arrow finally learned which members of Team Arrow survived, and which perished, on the island of Lian Yu after the explosive finale of Season 5.

For those who don't remember, Prometheus rigged the entire island with explosives that would detonate upon his death. While Oliver Queen, his captive son William and Prometheus were in the ocean on a boat, the remaining members of Team Arrow -- along with foe-turned-ally Deathstroke -- were stuck looking for an escape route off Lian Yu. The Season 5 finale ended with Prometheus taking his own life, and Oliver and William were left to watch as the island went up in flames.

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So who lived? And who died? Thankfully, the Season 6 premiere answered both of these pressing questions, while presenting a few more.

After a five-month time jump, Oliver is back protecting the streets of Star City. But he's not alone. We quickly see Diggle, Rene and Felicity alive and accounted for. That's not all, as Dinah is the new Lieutenant of the Star City police department, and Quentin is shown drinking his sorrows away at a dive bar. If you're keeping a tally, the majority of Team Flash made it off Lian Yu alive.

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However, it's not all good news for Oliver. After finding Deathstroke, Oliver demands to know where his sister Thea is. Slade Wilson's body language immediately lets you know this isn't going to end well, as he leads Oliver to an unconscious and pale Thea. From the looks of her, Thea appears to be our first casualty, but we discover near the end of the episode this isn't the case.

It's never fully explained what's happened to Thea, but she's alive and hooked up to monitoring devices in a hospital room. One has to wonder if Thea fell into a coma during all of the chaos.

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While Oliver was mourning what he thought was his dead sister, the true victim was revealed when William's mother Samantha appeared from the forest. With her last words, she made Oliver promise to be William's father.

Another character who was believed to be killed was Black Siren. Quentin found himself choosing the life of his teammate Dinah over the evil Earth-2 version of his daughter, and shot Black Siren. The two decided to keep this secret from the rest of the team, which almost came back to bite them later on. Somehow, Black Siren survived her gunshot wound when a mysterious figure flew to the island on a helicopter to take her away.

With Samantha gone, it's up to Oliver to raise the son he never knew he had. William is suffering from nightmares after the recent traumatic events, so Oliver has his hands full trying to connect to his son.

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