"Arrow" S4 Finale Turns Upset Redditors Into "Daredevil" Fans

Warning: Possible spoilers for this week's "Arrow" Season 4 finale...

In a controversial move, the users who run the "Arrow" subreddit were so enraged by this week's Season 4 finale, they decided to re-dedicate the forum as a "Daredevil" subreddit in protest of the show's direction.

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A lot of viewers have criticized this year of "Arrow," which included a season-long arc with Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) -- that came to a (war)head in this week's "Schism" -- and the death of fan-favorite character Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

The "fans" were quite vocal in their upset over the finale:

"Let's see here... The finale was filled with plot holes. Like where the f--k do thousands of nukes in mid-flight go? How did Oliver channel his magic from the hope of the citizens? How did Darhk's powers powered by tens of thousands of souls just go limp dick in 2 seconds, yet he was able to kill Felicity's ex from far away? And the final fight scene? What the f--k was that? The final fight scene was shit. They're both highly trained in martial arts and they're just trading punches in the face back and forth? The f--k? Did the action scene choreographer take time off or what? Worst season finale ever." - mkd87

"Felicity directly speaking to this sub when she said "you think I was leaving? not a chance" lmaoo" - batfleck2015

"Arrow has become the awkward cousin no one speaks about." - iArrow

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So far, the subreddit seems to be sticking with the "Daredevil" conversion, and continuing its bashing of "Arrow" among users:

To indicate the switch, the subreddit got a new "Daredevil"-themed header (shown above), which has even gotten the thumbs up from the redditors of the real "Daredevil" forum:

"Arrow" returns for its fifth season this fall on the CW.

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