Arrow Recap: Tobias Church Attempts to Assassinate The Mayor

Tonight's episode of "Arrow," titled "Human Target," picked up where last week left off -- with the torture of new recruit Rene/Wild Dog at the hands of Tobias Church. Rene was captured when he went head to head with Church at Police Headquarters. Team Arrow flew solo, without Oliver, as he was off rescuing Diggle from prison. Curtis ended up with a knife in his back and had to be dragged out of there by Evelyn and Rory. Wild Dog's recklessness in taking on Church alone landed him right in Church's crosshairs -- and in his torture chamber. This week Team Arrow had to find Rene, which they did successfully, but not before Rene gave up the Green Arrow's identity as Mayor Oliver Queen. This allowed Church to implement a plan to assassinate Queen -- thankfully Diggle (who was officially back on the team this week) had a plan to outsmart Church. Diggle's plan involved a man whom Oliver had met during his time in Russia, which was further explored in the flashbacks this week. The episode ended on two surprising notes, both of which will shift the season moving forward.

Wild Dog's Hard Lessons

There seems to be an unwritten rule that when someone wants to become a hero, he or she must first get their ass kicked. It happened with Oliver on the island in Season 1, it happened with Barry on "The Flash," it even happened with Laurel in Season 3. This week Wild Dog learned two extremely difficult lessons: what it's like to be beaten so badly you end up digging your own grave, and what it's like to betray your team. As Church was torturing Wild Dog, he got out of Rene that the Green Arrow was really Oliver Queen. Thankfully Oliver found Rene before Church could kill him. Rene was in a dark place when his betrayal came to light -- thankfully Team Arrow believed in second changes and forgiveness. Diggle was also able to help Rene heal both physically and emotionally, as they shared a common experience.

Diggle is Back!

Diggle's return felt so good during this episode. His presence in the Arrow Cave was greatly missed over the last few episodes and he had two very vital roles to play in tonight's episode. First, he was the best person to debrief Rene's traumatic experience with Church. Diggle has been tortured before, at the hands of his brother Andy -- he knew first-hand what it's like to deal with the guilt and the pain of that kind of abuse. At first, Rene didn't want to talk about his guilt or the torture, but Diggle's openness in sharing his experience encouraged Rene to open up. Diggle was able to guide Rene through his traumatic memories, which helped Rene remember a key piece of information about Church's plan. Second, Diggle was instrumental in stopping Church's attempt on Oliver's life because he knew a man with a very special skill set.

Human Target or Human Decoy?

Diggle's special friend was Christopher Chance, played by "Jessica Jones" actor Wil Traval. Chance's special skill set was pulling a move from "Mission Impossible" -- using a face mask to impersonate another person. Who was the person he was impersonating in this episode? Mayor Queen. Chance studied Oliver's life, his friends, his family, even his public policy, so that he could assume the identity of Mayor Queen until Church made his move. When Church's assassin (a yet unknown masked assailant) fired a round of bullets into Mayor Queen's body on the steps of City Hall, he was really firing slugs into Chance. When the world and Church thought Oliver Queen was dead, he moved forward with his plan to consolidate the drug trafficking in Star City. Chance also assumed the identities of a Bratva thug during Oliver's time in Russia. While they didn't seem to remember one another, a certain Star City reporter uncovered their connection and may exploit it in a future episode.

Church Takes A Bow

With Oliver dead, Church thought he was free and clear to run Star City. He began consolidating the drug shipments of five cities, in the hopes of becoming the most powerful man on the coast. What he didn't expect was Team Arrow's brilliant fake out. Artemis, Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, Spartan, the Human Target and the Green Arrow all showed up at Church's airplane hanger and crashed his plans. Church ended up in police custody at the end of the episode and was immediately shipped off to Iron Heights. Unfortunately, Church's attempt to kill the Green Arrow did not sit well with hooded killer Prometheus, who killed Church during the prison transfer. Church thought he could bargain with the Green Arrow's identity, but that did not keep Prometheus from killing him. With Church out of the way as this season's villain, that means Prometheus' story will take front and center during the next episodes of "Arrow."

Prometheus' Plan Moves Forward

Next week's episode is titled "So It Begins" and will kick off Prometheus' plan to take down the Green Arrow. Much like Deathstroke's plans in Season 2, Prometheus has a long game that he is playing against the Arrow. His killing spree next week will seek to discredit the Green Arrow as a murderer -- will he succeed in turning Star City against their hero?

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more.

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