Arrow Recap: Cupid, China White, & Liza Warner Stage a Prison Break

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During this week's episode of "Arrow," titled "The Sin-Eater," Oliver Queen's positions as Mayor and the Green Arrow came under fire. First, Susan Williams brought forth her evidence that Oliver and the Hood were in Russia at the same time. This accusation set in motion a chain of events that ended up costing Susan her job. Then, the Task Force went after the Arrow for the death of officer Billy Malone. If those accusations weren't difficult enough for Oliver to deal with, three of his former adversaries -- China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner -- all escaped police custody to go after a cache of money left over from Tobias Church. Oliver had his hands full on both fronts tonight and he paid a visit to Prometheus' mother that left him empty handed. As if all those things weren't bad enough, the final moment of the episode revealed that Star City news outlets were calling for Oliver's impeachment after the cover-up of Billy Malone's murder.

Prison Break

The episode kicked off with a well-planned prison break by China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner. China White had been imprisoned since Season 2. Cupid was technically fighting for A.R.G.U.S. until Deadshot was killed on a mission. Liza was a former SCPD officer who went rogue during Season 4. All three women broke out of jail to find one of Tobias Church's money stashes. While the Green Arrow was pursuing them, he was apprehended by the Task Force, who went after him for killing Billy Malone. Oliver was easily able to escape from their custody, but their pursuit made him weary of suiting up again. Quentin Lance called Oliver out on this fear, asking Oliver if he didn't back down from Slade Wilson or Damien Darhk, why was he backing down from Prometheus? Oliver took Lance's words to heart and personally approached the head of the Task Force. Oliver confided in him that while the Green Arrow did kill Billy, it was by Prometheus' design.

"Are You the Green Arrow?"

Oliver Queen Arrow

Susan Williams decided to play her trump card in this episode by asking Oliver point blank if he was the Green Arrow. Oliver surprisingly answered "yes," but then quickly retracted by saying that he was kidding. Susan's question triggered Oliver to tell Thea, who then recruited Felicity to do some digging on Susan's computer. This direct line of questioning made Oliver second guess himself for the second time during this episode. While we're used to seeing a confident Oliver/Green Arrow, this week he was definitely more gun shy, about everything. Susan finally put the pieces together, he had to confess about the Arrow killing Billy -- he couldn't go out in the field. All of these issues backed Oliver into a corner this week and he blamed Prometheus for everything. Oliver even went to see Prometheus' mother this week, but she refused to give up her son. Even though Prometheus hasn't been on the show over the last few episodes, Oliver was still reeling from the threats he made about Oliver potentially losing everything. It's not like Oliver to recoil from a fight -- maybe having to fight the political battle is what's wearing on him the most.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

In light of Susan William's incriminating evidence against Oliver and the Green Arrow, Thea decided to plant plagiarized articles on Susan's computer, which cost Susan her job. When Oliver found out, he was furious with Thea. He even went so far as to compare Thea to their late mother Moira. It was such a double-standard moment, where Oliver allowed himself to cross a line, but not let Thea cross that same line. While Oliver didn't fire Thea or reprimand her, he did call out her bad behavior. This paralleled the conversations that Thea had with Lance earlier in the episode, and the conversations Oliver had with Anatoly in the flashback. Both Thea and Anatoly called Lance and Oliver "Sin-Eaters," hence the name of the episode. The men who take the hits, take the damage, so that others don't have to. In regards to Lance, he blamed himself for Liza going rogue, even though it wasn't really his fault. The same with Oliver -- Anatoly cautioned Oliver against always shielding others and letting the world damage him in their place.

Not Replacing, Honoring

The episode concluded with the capture of Cupid, Liza, and China White by the Task Force. While the Task Force could have also arrested the Green Arrow, they chose to honor the Mayor's word instead, and let him go. Dinah also helped take down the ladies tonight, all while wearing Laurel's Black Canary mask. She was hesitant to put it on and even told Lance that she didn't want to replace his daughter. But he reminded her that Laurel's wish was not to be replaced, but to be honored. Dinah was also sworn onto the Star City Police Force this week, which means we'll probably start seeing the SCPD in episodes again. The last moments of the episode were spent with Oliver reacting to a news broadcast that was calling for Mayor Queen's impeachment.

Next week on "Arrow," the Vigilante will confront Mayor Queen's corruption. The masked Vigilante will wreck the Mayor's car and take him captive, forcing him to pay for his crimes. The episode is called "Fighting Fire with Fire," and will send the Vigilante on the path of judge, jury, and executioner.

VIGILANTE ATTACKS MAYOR QUEEN – Oliver (Stephen Amell) faces his biggest challenge yet as mayor. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) continues down her dark path with Helix. After Vigilante attacks Oliver while he’s acting as the mayor, Diggle (David Ramsey) leads the team in a mission to stop Vigilante once and for all. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Ben Sokolowski. Original airdate 3/1/2017.

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, "Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more.

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