Arrow Delivers a Verdict in the Trial of Oliver Queen - With a Twist


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for “Docket No. 11-19-41-73,” the latest episode of Arrow.

The jury has found Oliver Queen guilty of being the Green Arrow -- but he isn't going to prison. In “Docket No. 11-19-41-73,” the latest episode of Arrow, Christopher Chance used his skills to pose as the judge overseeing Oliver's trial and prevented him from going to jail despite the jury's guilty verdict.

Chance, also known as the Human Target, resurfaced early in the episode. He posed as Tommy Merlyn during the trial and testified that he, "Tommy," had been the Green Arrow all along. He claimed that he used the destruction of the Glades as an opportunity to fake his own death and become the Green Arrow full time. He also explained that he was intervening in the trial so that Oliver could avoid prison, unlike Roy Harper did back in Season 3.

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However, that wasn't the only role he ended up playing. He also knocked out the judge and sat in his seat to preside over the verdict. The verdict came back guilty, as Oliver had expected; since Ricardo Diaz had so many others in his pocket, Oliver assumed that the jury would be coerced into finding him guilty. What he did not expect, though, was for the judge to overturn that verdict. The judge claimed there was reasonable doubt surrounding the verdict and allowed Oliver to go free, with probation.

Needless to say, Oliver was a little shocked to find the judge in his bunker when he returned to it. Chance then removed his mask to reveal he had been the one to excuse the charges and confirmed that the judge had been in Diaz's pocket all along. The judge later suffered the consequences for this, with Diaz shooting him in cold blood.

Airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, Arrow stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Rick Gonzalez, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Kirk Acevado, Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy. The Season 6 finale arrives May 17.

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