Arrow: Laurel Explains Her Miraculous Return in New Clip

Laurel Lance is back from the dead. In the mid-season finale of "Arrow," Oliver returned to the bunker after a tough mission, only to discover Laurel waiting for him as if she had never died in Season 4. Now, in a clip from "Who Are You?", she has revealed how this miraculous return occurred.

The clip picks up right where the mid-season finale left off, and Oliver looks as though he can't believe his eyes as he approaches her. After she greets him, he can only stutter that he watched her die, but she quickly explains how her return is possible: time travel.

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That's right: Laurel chalks her return up to her sister Sara. According to Laurel, Sara used the Waverider to snatch her up and heal her embolism at the last possible moment. In the clip, Laurel describes how she saw a bright light and an angel, who turned out to be her sister. Using the advanced technology on the time ship, Sara was able to heal Laurel, then dropped her off right in Oliver's present.

If you've been watching "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," that story might smell a little fishy. Sara has been hellbent on revenge against Darhk, who killed Laurel, but she hasn't made any motions to go back in time and physically rescue her sister. Of course, "Legends" is a time travel show, so this could still be possible in Sara's future, but it seems unlikely considering her promise to Professor Stein to drop her personal vendettas for the sake of the team.

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According to the official episode synopsis,

OLIVER WANTS JUSTICE; FELICITY WANTS REVENGE — Worried that Prometheus is right and he is truly a killer at heart, Oliver (Stephen Amell) looks for any ray of hope and finds it in what seems to be the miraculous return of Laurel Lance (guest star Katie Cassidy).

However, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), still reeling from Detective Malone’s murder, is bent on revenge – she wants to stop Prometheus at any cost. While in prison, Diggle (David Ramsey) fights for his life.

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, “Arrow” airs at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more. “Arrow’s” fifth season returns to the CW on January 25.

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