Arrow: Harkavy Teases Black Canary's Reaction to [SPOILER]'s New Identity

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Tribute," the latest episode of Arrow.

It's official: John "Dig" Diggle has become Star City's new Green Arrow. In "Tribute," the latest episode of Arrow, Dig agreed to take up the mantle, despite the fact that he has degenerative nerve damage in his right hand, compromising his ability in the field. Of course, no one on Team Arrow knows about Dig's tremor -- no one, that is, but Dinah Drake. Speaking to CBR, Black Canary actress Juliana Harkavy addressed this twist and Dinah's reaction to it, which will be revealed in "Next of Kin," the season's third episode.

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CBR: In episode two, Dinah learned the truth about Dig's injury. How long can she keep that to herself?

Juliana Harkavy: Well, I think she's going to do her best to honor Diggle's privacy, but also, it's very concerning to her, because it could put the team at risk if he's compromised. So I think she's going to do what she can to sort of keep it, monitor it and see how it goes, but ultimately her loyalty is to the team. You know, she doesn't want anyone's life to potentially be lost because someone's hurt, so she's letting it go for now but I think she will definitely readjust if she needs to.

Can you tease Dinah's reaction to learning that Dig agreed to become Green Arrow?

I think Dinah's really flexible. On many levels, she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, so when it comes to justice and when it comes to these things… She goes with it, but -- again, because she knows that there's something happening with Dig -- there might be a little bit of reluctance. Ultimately, I think she's going to find a way to… She's going to try to become her best self. She'll need to fight harder and do more, because -- without Oliver -- the team really needs to be at their best. But the Diggle thing is concerning.

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