Arrow's EP On Prometheus' Victim, Arsenal's Return & Vigilante's True Identity


The CW's longest running DCTV series, Arrow closed out its fifth season with a bang -- literally. While Team Arrow managed to take down Prometheus, the victory came with a price, though fans have yet to learn exactly who didn't make it off the island alive.

What we do know is that Oliver and his son William were safely on a boat when Prometheus’ explosives detonated (not that we'd expect wither of them to be killed in the first place). We've also seen plenty of footage of characters like Felicity, Wild Dog and others alive and well in Season 6, though the revelation that Arrow's use of flashbacks isn't quite over yet does manage to throw even their well-being in doubt.

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In tonight’s Season 6 premiere, we'll finally learn who lived, and who died. Ahead of those revelations, however, CBR spoke with showrunner Wendy Mericle about what she and the rest of her crew have in store for Team Arrow in Season 6. While she wouldn't offer so much as a clue regarding which character met their final fate, Mericle was more than happy to discuss the possibility of seeing Black Siren achieve some level of redemption this season, and hoe excited she is for Roy Harper to return n to Star City. And, she promises, fans can expect a definite answer to a question that's been haunting Oliver and company when the show reveals Vigilante's secret identity once and for all.

CBR: In what ways is Oliver picking up the pieces in the aftermath of his showdown with Prometheus and the island exploding?

Wendy Mericle: The last time we saw Oliver, he was standing on this boat with his poor son, William, watching everybody he loves possibly go up in flames. It’s very much where we pick up in the premiere. We’re going to see that exact moment. We’re going to come back to that. We’re also going to jump the normal amount of time. We’re going to pick up the island in flashbacks. We are going to see where Oliver is in Star City, as well. We’re going to get the benefit of seeing him in both places, psychologically, emotionally and physically. This season is very much, especially in the first half, about picking up those pieces and the fallout from that. Prometheus left a big trail of destruction in his wake.

Dinah Drake suits up in some snazzy new threads. What does the Black Canary mantle mean to her, and what are some of the obstacles she faces in embracing that identity?


In the writers’ room, we wanted Dinah to feel like a full-fledged member of the team. Having those new threads, it’s a symbol that she’s really come into her own as a vigilante and as a member of the team. Last season, by design, she felt like part of the team. She was new and had a big ax to grind. She had come in a dramatic way. She wasn’t fully herself when we met her because she was on this mission of revenge and down this dark rabbit hole. That’s not who she is any more. We’re going to see Dinah having a little more fun, and also have the fun of seeing someone who is a vigilante, but also a cop. Having somebody in the SCPD in that role is something we haven’t done in the show before. We’re thrilled about seeing her in both worlds.

Oliver believes Black Siren is capable of redemption. He’s been down that road before. However, what does Black Siren want?

Black Siren is such a great, complicated character. It’s fun to have Katie Cassidy back on the show. She’s done an amazing job with that character. For her, we have gone down that road in terms of redemption. I think the difference here is she may be the Earth-2 Laurel, but she is still Laurel. It’s really a question of Laurel inside this version of Black Siren, drawing her our and seeing if that’s truly who she is. This season is really about parenting and family. One of the things that Oliver is going to be exploring is the question of nature versus nurture. Why is Laurel from Earth-2 so evil, when Laurel on Earth-1 is not? We will answer that question through the course of the season and figuring out if she really is incapable of redemption. We don’t answer that for quite a while.

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