10 Fan Theories On How Arrow Could End

The CW's Arrow is finally coming to an end, the eighth and last season is inbound. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to the Season 7 finale, but fans are already speculating as to where the series could go from here.

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With so many plot threads left unfinished and the looming threat of a crisis in the Multiverse, it's anyone's guess as to how this epic series will finally conclude. Arrow is an important show for the universe that the CW has created, as it kicked off this fantastic lineup of superhero programming. With the end in sight, we take a look at some of the best fan theories surrounding its finale.

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The most popular theory is that the titular character won't make it to the very end of Season 8. The clues are pretty obvious considering we've already seen Oliver Queen's grave in the future, which sits alongside his parents. We've also been told by The Monitor that Queen will die during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This could be a bit of a red herring though, as the concept of Oliver dying could be a bit too obvious. We also saw Felicity go to see her husband at the end of Season 7, suggesting maybe he isn't dead but somewhere else (unless she is being brought to some sort of afterlife as many have speculated). Chances are that we'll probably watch the Green Arrow die, although don't bet everything on it.


Green Arrow clearly isn't in the future timeline, though, which means something must have happened to him. If there's no return for him, but he isn't dead, perhaps he's actually on another Earth?

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To the outside world he would be dead, but those closest to him would know that he is continuing to protect people as a vigilante on a completely different Earth. This may also explain where Felicity will be going at the end of Season 7, as the portal looked very similar to the ones used to jump between worlds.


Throughout Season 7 of Arrow, the usual flashbacks have been replaced with a jump ahead to a future time period. During this time, we've seen many of the cast aged to reflect the time period and the children of these heroes becoming vigilantes of their own.

This plot is clearly leading somewhere, though, and there must be an reason for this inclusion. Some have speculated that they are the key to helping with the upcoming crisis, that the series will end with the four heroes that were set up as the new saviours of Star City. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see them jump on the Waverider as futuristic backup.


Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Speaking of new heroes, Oliver's legacy isn't just that of the hooded vigilante, but of the team that he has set up to continue to protect Star City and the surrounding areas. We know where this story goes in the future, but Season 8 could end with a fresh start in the present day and a renewed hope that things could be different.

With Wild Dog, Spartan, Black Canary and Arsenal set to continue on the path of heroism, the series may end with a new age of heroes alongside them, including the Canaries that are set up in the future. We may also see the return of heroes such as Rag Man, Mr Terrific or maybe even The Huntress.


Speaking of new heroes, John Diggle has had his eye on the Green Arrow mantle for some time. With Oliver Queen gone for good, someone else needs to don the hood and continue the good work he started. It's a natural fight for the former bodyguard and something he's trained for the whole time.

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It's likely that we could see Season 8 end with the new Green Arrow, as it's been teased many times before that Diggle is the next in line. It also makes sense, as we've seen in one future that John's son is actually the new Green Arrow. Maybe it'll be passed through the family?


Arrow John Diggle

Alternatively, there may be a darker fate in store for Diggle. We haven't seen him in the future timeline, which suggests something bad could have happened to him. He's spoken of in the past tense; there's an implication that he has been tragically killed.

Maybe Diggle manages to take Oliver's place as the Green Arrow still, but actually sacrifices himself masquerading as Queen. It would be a decision that would mean that Oliver has to go into hiding to continue protecting his family, as the Ninth Circle is still out there and the world will assume that he is dead. Diggle's family would never be able to know the truth about his demise, because of the secretive nature of the sacrifice.


The future we've seen may not be the true way that events will unfold. Everyone is assuming that the flash forwards are the definitive ending of the story, but these could actually be re-written. We've seen that the future can be changed and that not everything is fixed.

This could be another example, especially if the future heroes are to travel to the present to help change events. Most importantly, though, this may be the way that Oliver survives and continues on as The Green Arrow. He may be dead in the version of events that The Monitor saw; this doesn't have to be a future that actually takes place though.


The happiest ending that could happen for Oliver? His memory being wiped. Queen has lost his memories in the comics before and this may be a way to write the story into the TV show. Perhaps the sacrifice that Oliver must make isn't his life in the strictest of terms, but the memory of his life.

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Everything would change and he would have to start off fresh, which is why he no longer knows anything about his family. It's a way to protect him and could be a way to tricking the Multiverse into thinking that the price needed has been paid.


There's another theory that has been gaining traction, which could explain why The Monitor has seen Oliver Queen fall in the future. Maybe it's not The Green Arrow we already know, but one from a completely different Earth.

During the previous crossover event, we already saw that there are other Green Arrows out in the Multiverse, so this is a very plausible theory. It may also link up to the previous speculation that Oliver is on another Earth, taking the place of the Green Arrow that laid down their life for him.


To end this list of fan theories, it's difficult not to mention the one prediction that has managed to stay with the show for many years. It's long been speculated that John Diggle could become the CW's Green Lantern, playing off the John Stewart character in the comics.

This has only been fuelled by the mention of Diggle having a ring on the alternate Flash's Earth, suggesting it's written into the cosmos that John will one day wield the power of a Green Lantern. Arrow could end with Diggle being granted this power and spin-off into a new Green Lantern series. This would also explain his absence in the future: he is dealing with cosmic threats.

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