Arrow EP Teases Trip to The Question's Hometown

The Question, DC Comics' iconic faceless detective, may make a live-action debut on The CW's "Arrow." Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim posted an image on Twitter showing a billboard for real estate development at Hub City, home of The Question. The billboard shows a series dilapidated apartment complexes, which implies that "Arrow" could take cues from legendary writer Dennis O'Neil's run with the Question, as a recurring theme of his series was illustrating the poverty of Hub City, which enabled rampant corruption and criminal elements.

The logo for a "World Wide Broadcasting" radio station in the corner of the poster further suggests a connection to The Question, as the character's most prominent alter ego, Vic Sage, was an investigative journalist (albeit traditionally on TV rather than radio). The bottom of the image indicates the billboard graphic is an asset for episode 11 of the current season, meaning that Team Arrow's trip to Hub City will likely air in early 2017.

It should be noted that while the teaser image states that Hub City will play a role on the show, it's far from confirmation that any iteration of The Question will be seen on "Arrow." There's been no news of casting, and sometimes a teaser is just a teaser -- but the door certainly looks open for an appearance, especially with the growing number of DC vigilantes seen on "Arrow" season five. (Though the Renee Montoya version of The Question, who took over the role in the comics in the "52" series, seems out of the question as that character's appeared on "Gotham," which is unconnected to the Arrowverse.)

The Question, created by comics legend Steve Ditko in 1967, would hardly the most outlandish addition to "Arrow's" cast of characters. This season alone has seen the introduction of obscure vigilante Wild Dog and the supernatural Ragman, and last season there was even a crossover with occultist John Constantine, with Matt Ryan migrating over in the role from the cancelled NBC series "Constantine."

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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