"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim Says Oliver Will Get "New Toys" in Season 3

The third season premiere of "Arrow" is less than two weeks away, and executive producer Marc Guggenheim discussed the new episodes on CBR executive producer Jonah Weiland's talk radio show Saturday on KFI AM 640 -- and hinted at some of the "new toys" Oliver Queen will be utilizing going forward, including a modified bow.

"He is going to get some new toys to play with," Guggenheim said. "One of them is a new bow that looks identical to the old bow, but it does something that you've never seen before." Guggenheim disclosed that the explanation behind Oliver's new equipment will be detailed in DC Comics' currently unfolding digital-first series "Arrow: Season 2.5," taking place between the second and third seasons.

While "Arrow" has traditionally been more grounded, the show's second season embraced superpowers a bit more, both in laying the groundwork for spinoff "The Flash" and in Slade Wilson and his Mirakuru-fueld army that served as primary antagonists. With "The Flash" now its own series on The CW, Guggenheim stated that "Arrow" will return to a more realistic direction.

"We're not really planning on revisiting superpowers or enhanced abilities during season three," Guggenheim told Weiland. "We are really returning to the show's roots of a very grounded world where it's very realistic. We may take occasional artistic license with things, but for the most part, everything is pretty well and truly grounded in real-life things and real-life science."

"I think what people will find when they watch season three is that the operatic scope of season two didn't really come from the presence of enhanced abilities or superpowers, it really came from the stories and the characters, and that stuff ain't changing," Guggenheim continued.

Also new in season three is actor Matt Nable portraying Ra's al Ghul, a major villain primarily associated with the Batman mythos, and a character that's been mentioned -- through previously unseen -- throughout the first two years of "Arrow."

"We definitely have been building to this character for the last two, now going on three years of the show," Guggenheim said. "I think his presence on the show really raises the stakes significantly, because his reputation has had a chance to build over the course of two years. We've heard Oliver talk about this mysterious man, and all the dangers that he presents, and now we finally get to meet him."

"Arrow" season three starts 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 8 on The CW.

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