"Arrow" EP Guggenheim Tells One-Shot "Daredevil" Story

"Arrow" executive producer and co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim spends most of his time these days in the world of DC Comics-based TV, but he's also been a frequent contributor to Marvel Comics for years -- and his next journey to the other side of the superhero tracks will be in April's "Daredevil" #15.1, as first revealed by Newsarama.

Guggenheim will write a story set in Matt Murdock's early days as Daredevil, illustrated by Peter Krause, who a frequent collaborator of "Daredevil" series writer Mark Waid. "Daredevil" series artist Chris Samnee will both write and draw a story in the same issue, also set in Daredevil's early days, and featuring Karen Page and Diablo.

"It's a very simple concept in which Matt goes out on patrol as Daredevil one night and catches a murderer just after he had killed someone," Guggenheim, a practicing attorney before his screenwriting career took off, told Newsarama of his "Daredevil" #15.1 story. "The next day, his law firm assigns him a pro bono case, where lawyers for the good of society and to be charitable take on a case of an indigent defendant for free. His client, however, turns out to be the same guy that Daredevil captured the previous night." Newsarama's piece states that Guggenheim acts as an "an unofficial legal consultant" for Waid and Samnee, answering questions related to Matt Murdock's legal career.

Waid will write two one-page stories for the issue, acting as bumpers between Guggenheim and Samnee's stories. "Daredevil" #15.1 is scheduled for release in April.

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