Deathstroke Was Never Meant to Be a Part of Arrow - At All

From its pilot, Arrow set up the presence of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, by having his mask appear on the island where Oliver Queen was marooned for the better part of five years. Eventually, Wilson would become a central character on the show, appearing in both the present-day and flashback segments for the series' first two seasons.

However, while Deathstroke had such a big presence in the show's early days, it turns out he was never originally supposed to appear on Arrow.

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"We had no intention seeing Deathstroke or Slade Wilson in Season 1, and we saw them both," Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly.

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"David Nutter was on set [of the pilot], and he wanted basically a foreground element," the producer recalled. "He was like, ‘What can we stick here?’ and he had the idea of maybe something with an arrow through it. Geoff Johns happened to be on set and said, ‘Well, what if it’s like a mask, it’s half-black and half-orange, and it’s basically the Deathstroke mask?’ And we were like, ‘Oh, great Easter egg!’ because we were all about the Easter eggs back then."

While Wilson's time as a regular ended in Season 2, the character returned sporadically in later seasons.

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