Arrow Casts a New Age of DC Heroes Character for Season 7


When co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee promised DC comics readers that the characters at the heart of the New Age of DC Heroes initiative were poised to become major players, there was some understandable skepticism. After all, it's a pretty standard claim to make when introducing a new hero or villain, much less an entire lineup of them.

This time, however, that claim has turned out to be true, and much faster than anyone might have expected. The CW announced today at Comic-Con International that Silencer will be joining the cast of Arrow as a member of the previously teased team of Longbow Hunters, a trio of villains described as "more lethal than any the team has faced."

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Silencer, along with Red Dart and Kodiak, will gather at the behest of Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) in an attempt by Season 6's big villain to take out Oliver Queen and his team once and for all.

Played by Miranda Edwards (The Magicians, Orphan Black) Silencer is described as "a master of stealth," which, depending on how close the character hews to her comic book incarnation, may be a massive understatement.

In the comics, Silencer (created by John Romita Jr. and Dan Abnett) is a retired assassin, known not only for her abilities as one of the most deadly people in the DC Universe. In the series first arc, Honor Guest is introduced as happily married woman with a single child, and perfectly content with her domestic life. Neither he husband nor son are aware of her previous life, where she was a top-ranking member of the League of Assassins who had the ability to literally silence all sounds in her immediate area, thus allowing her to kill whomever she was tasked with taking out without raising suspicion in anyone who might be nearby.

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Though her arrival here comes at the behest of Ricardo Diaz, Silencer may also have a strong tie to Talia al Ghul. In the comics, Talia personally recruits her back to her former life of killing for the the League of Assassins, despite Honor's protestations. Whether will be explored on The CW series is unknown at this point int time, of course, but it is an aspect of her character that will bring with it some added intrigue for viewers familiar with her comic continuity.

Returning this fall to The CW, Arrow stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, Rick Gonzalez as Wild Dog, Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific, Juliana Harkavy as Black Canary and Katie Cassidy as Black Siren.

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