"Arrow" Cast Gets LEGO-ized In "LEGO Batman 3" Add On Trailer

The "Arrow"-verse meets the DC LEGO-verse in a new trailer for new downloadable content available for "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham." The promo for the "Arrow" add on pack features voiceover work from Oliver Queen himself -- Stephen Amell. If you've been waiting to hear Amell say the words "green," "pointy" and "arrow-y" in Oliver's trademark gruff voice, then this trailer is definitely for you.

The "Arrow" connections start out small -- Deathstroke's mask on a pike -- before becoming incredibly unmistakable. Slade Wilson, Black Canary and Malcolm Merlyn all show up in LEGO-ized versions of their CW duds. The game then teases other characters, revealing takes on Felicity Smoak, Huntress, John Diggle and Arsenal that are ready to get to building.

You can see all of these minifigs in action in the full trailer below. The "Arrow" add on is available now.

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