"Arrow" Brings "The Calm" Before A Stormy Season 3

For months, the creators of The CW's DC Comics drama "Arrow" have been promising a rocky Season 3. And with tonight's season premiere episode titled "The Calm," viewers will get one last look at Team Arrow before a storm blows through Starling City to shake up their world.

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim Says Oliver Will Get "New Toys" in Season 3

The network released a handful of last minute images today highlighting new looks at the cast of the series. From Roy Harper taking his Red Arrow uniform into action to Felicity Smoak working in lock step with Oliver and on through to a smarmy Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) bringing his scientific know how to Queen Consolidated, the pieces are in place for a new direction.

Check out the images below, and then head to Spinoff Online tomorrow morning for a recap of all the "Arrow" action.

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