'Arrow' Brings Back John Barrowman

The upcoming second season of Arrow is already packed with new cast members and guest stars, with such DC Comics mainstays as Black Canary, Barry Allen, Amanda Waller and Bronze Tiger all paying visits to Starling City. However, TVLine reports a familiar, if unexpected, face from Season 1 will make at least a brief appearance: Malcolm Merlyn.

Although Oliver Queen seemingly killed the Dark Archer in the season finale, actor John Barrowman will be back for at least two episodes, although a CW spokesperson wouldn't say how. That actually fits right in with comments made at Comic-Con International, where the actor hinted he wasn't finished with the breakout drama. Whether that means the elder Merlyn survived his showdown with Ollie or he'll simply appear in one of the show's numerous flashbacks remains to be seen.

In other casting news from ScreenCrush.com, Dylan Neal (Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief) has signed on to appear in the upcoming season as Professor Ivo. The character will debut in Episode 5, titled "League of Assassins," appearing on the island in flashbacks, looking for a mysterious object from World War II.

Comic fans know Ivo as the creator of the power-mimicking robot Amazo, which has tormented the Justice League since its first appearance in 1960's The Brave and the Bold #30.

Arrow returns Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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