Arrow: How the New Green Arrow Challenges the Queen Family Legacy

A new player has entered the game. In "My Name is Emiko Queen," the mid-season premiere of Arrow Season 7, the new Green Arrow is on a collision course with her half-brother Oliver. Even as Oliver grapples with this revelation, he'll have to adjust to his new position with the SCPD and life outside of prison, while Felicity lays the groundwork for Smoak Tech and John Diggle tries to extract the truth out of Ricardo Diaz.

Speaking to CBR, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz offered some insight into the back half of Season 7. She revealed that the show will explore Emiko's backstory sooner rather than later and teased how Oliver will react to learning about his new sibling. So far as the flash forwards go, she explained the Glades' new status quo, as well as Rene's place in it and the whereabouts of Katherine McNamara's character Maya. She also weighed in on the ramifications of "Elseworlds" and the upcoming 150th episode, which will star Kelsey Grammar and be filmed like a documentary.

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CBR: What drew you to Emiko Queen?

Schwartz: Well, the fact that she's a member of the Queen family is number one. I always love the dynamic between the family. All of our family stories on the show is something that I love the most, and so having another sibling out there in the world... I felt it was definitely time to bring her in.

On the series to date, she hasn't interacted much with Oliver. What can you tease about their dynamic and how it evolves moving forward?

In [episode] 10, Oliver is going to learn more about what happened, how Robert kind of -- being such a great dad [laughs] -- has sort of abandoned this other family: Emiko and her mother. And Oliver has got to grapple, kind of, with this. He takes it on himself, as he does, as our hero that we love, that he feels guilty for what his father did and he's going to try to redeem his family, redeem what his father did and try to make it up to her, even though that's a very hard thing to do. So he's going to want to fully embrace her into the family, and she is not going to be so easy, because she obviously has a lot of negative feelings towards his family.

For quite some time, the show was known for its flashback sequences. Could we see a return to that for Emiko's backstory?

We definitely will get to see some of her backstory, of how she got to where she is, for sure.

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