Arrow: Amell Calls Oliver's Vigilantism 'a Last Resort'

Over the past five seasons of "Arrow," Oliver Queen has not failed his city. Taking up the mantle of Green Arrow, he has battled dark archers and super soldiers and men with centuries of mystic knowledge, and every time he has managed to pull through with a little help from his team. However, according to star Stephen Amell, Star City's need for vigilantes just proves his work isn't done quite yet.

Asked what he thought of Oliver's enduring legacy as Green Arrow, Amell told CBR, "He's very tough on [the new recruits], but then -- in private moments, speaking with people he holds in close confidence -- he sort of extols their virtues. So I think that he's proud, but again, being a vigilante (and I think that he would agree with this) is the last resort, not the first resort. In a perfect world, Star City wouldn't need a Green Arrow. So I think that the proliferation of them, while heartening in some sense and encouraging, is also a reminder that he hasn't gotten the job done."

As to whether or not this job could ever truly be done, he added, "Of course! When the show is done, he'll have gotten the job done."

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He also addressed Oliver's new approach to vigilantism, in that he is willing to use lethal force where he sees fit. "Actually, ironically, Oliver is very at peace with himself right now. I wouldn't say that he's the happiest that we've ever seen him, but he's probably the most contented in terms of 'if you're coming at him with lethal force, then lethal force is what you get in return,'" he explained. "It's not a first resort like in Season 1. To me, it's a more practical, more three-dimensional way to deal with things and I think that has him at ease."

Regarding the way "Arrow" will celebrate its 100th episode milestone in the midst of The CW's big four-show crossover, he shared, "I'd be lying if I said episode 8 wasn't a departure from our narrative. The narrative of our show this year really goes 1 through 7 and then skips to 9, but we utilize the crossover to do something really cool for the fans and use some of the stuff that happens with some of the elements that we introduce in the crossover to, again, do something really cool for the fans. So, for me, it was like going on vacation but still shooting the show."

"I feel good! We did it! All of the production teams on all four productions got together and they all -- in the spirit of teamwork -- said, 'How do we make this work?' And everybody did," he added. "They really did! To me, actually, it ended sort of on this Friday, so today's only Saturday, so I'm still sort of recovering, but I think we did it."

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He also discussed Oliver's tenure as mayor, saying, "I think as mayor, he's going to have his moments. I think that there's good in him when it comes to that, but it's a tough job when you're doing two jobs."

As to whether or not we'll see Oliver's liberal side, as per the comics, he added, "You know, I think that there's a chance for that the in the latter half of the year. As we do in the first half of the year, we really work to set up the second half. I hope and I think that there is some room for that in the second half of the year."

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, "Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Willa Holland and more.

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