10 Arrogant Heroes Who Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else (And Are Right)

If there is one thing that fans have learned over the years, it is that there is a lot of arrogance in the world of comic book characters. Yes, people like Doctor Doom and Doctor Octopus are rightfully arrogant bad guys who believe they are better than everyone around them. However, bad guys aren't the only people who consider themselves above other ordinary people.

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Many superheroes in the comic book world consider themselves better than everyone around them. For every Spider-Man or Superman who showed humility throughout their entire career, some heroes think they are smarter, stronger, or just downright better than anyone they come in contact with. Here is a look at 10 arrogant heroes who think they are better than everyone else and happen to be right.


Reed Richards' superpower is the ability to stretch his body. However, his real power is his brain.  He has a mastery of aerospace, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, and both human and alien biology. When Reed tells you he is the smartest man in the world, he is not just bragging.

Richards often lets anyone who asks know that he is the smartest man on this planet and is also an expert on other dimensions as well. The truth is that he can back it up. Sure, most people want to punch him in the face, but he can solve almost any problem brought before him.


Tony Stark is not as smart as Reed Richards when it comes to mastery of just about every science known to man and alien, but he sure acts like it. Whether he is talking to a genius like Richards, the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange, or other brilliant minds, like Bruce Banner, Stark always assumes he is right.

Often, that is not just bragging but true. Reed Richards has called Tony Stark the world's best multitasker, meaning he can take a problem and deal with it from almost any angle, even in the middle of a fight or a discussion about something else. Unlike Richards, who is mostly great at building things, Stark is improvisational and can solve problems in an unorthodox manner.


Marvel initially introduced Charles Xavier as a teacher and protector of children mutants. However, over time, Charles has proven to be manipulative and arrogant on a level that betrays his entire spoken belief of benevolence between humans and mutants. He believes only his way is right and will do anything to stop alienating opinions.

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Charles messed with Wolverine's mind to make him an ally instead of an enemy. He sent children into battle with powerful villains without a care in the world. When an entire team of X-Men died, Xavier wiped their existence out of everyone's memories. Professor X is very powerful and can do anything he sets his mind to.


When it comes to Marvel Comics, no one has the arrogance of Namor, the Sub Mariner. Namor is the King of Atlantis and doesn't care about anyone on the surface world. He honestly believes that he is smarter, stronger, and wiser than anyone he has ever met.

Namor stood face-to-face with Reed Richards and deemed himself the superior being. No matter how smart someone like Iron Man or Doctor Doom is, Namor believes he rises above them both in power and intelligence. Once he is in the water, he is right in most cases when it comes to his power levels.


Is Batman arrogant, or is he just overconfident? It doesn't matter how many villains he faces down. It doesn't even matter if Batman feels he has to try to stop Superman, himself. Batman believes he can do it, and nothing can stop him. Batman has a plan for everything and might be the most prepared superhero in existence when stepping into a battle.

However, the fact is that Batman can beat anyone if given time to prepare. He knows how to take down Superman if the need arises. Batman knows how to stop someone as fast as Flash. He even killed Darkseid, someone that gave the Justice League as a team fits throughout the years. Batman can do anything.


Here is the biggest problem with Hank Pym. He has the intelligence of Tony Stark and is possibly even smarter, but his arrogance makes no one like him or care about anything he has to say. Pym has had mental breakdowns that come from his insecurities, which he masks with grandstanding.

When it comes to his brains, he is one of the world's greatest minds when it comes to subatomic physics (he is Ant-Man); robotics, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence (he did create Ultron); and programming, optics, and entomology. He can back up his arrogance, as Eternity called him the Scientist Supreme.


Hal Jordan is a space cop. He is considered one of Earth's greatest heroes, and his job is to protect this sector of space from all threats. That means he has to be not only physically strong but also mentally able to head into a fight with no fear. That is what Hal Jordan is all about.

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However, Hal might be even more arrogant than Batman when it comes to his willingness to run into a fight, and he truly believes he can win any battle, regardless of the foe. Jordan is reckless and careless but also fearless and determined. Green Lantern is as great as he thinks he is.


The Incredible Hulk Poster

Reed Richards believes he is the smartest man in the world, and Tony Stark believes that he is always right. Most of the time, they prove that they are right. Hulk says he is the strongest one there is, and he is right just about 99% of the time.

Forget about Avengers: Infinity War — Hulk is not a coward who refuses to come out to fight. Hulk is the most arrogant fighter in existence, someone who will jump into battle against a God, giant, or demon, and never once believes there is a chance that he won't smash everything in his way.


Lobo is an interesting character, a mix between Wolverine and Punisher, with the arrogance that both those men possess jacked up to infinite levels. Lobo has every right to go into battle with the pure arrogance of someone who can't be defeated because he can never die and has been banned from both Heaven and Hell.

If there is one thing that keeps Lobo a little on the right side, it is the fact that he is a man of his word who will never break a contract unless there is a loophole involved. With that in mind, he will take any contract to hunt down any being, no matter their power level, and go into battle assured he would win every single time.


Thor is a God, the Son of Odin, and that makes him pretty important. He is also someone who took a long time to find his true calling because all he wanted to do was go out and kick butt in battles. Once he learned some humility, he became the hero everyone knows and loves.

However, that humility was just a small dose because Thor is a man full of pride and arrogance. He doesn't believe there is anyone alive who can best him in a battle, and that includes someone like Hulk. He will rush headfirst into any battle, and if someone doubts him, Thor is more than happy to prove them wrong every single time.

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