<i>Arrested Development</i> Writer to Tackle <i>Knight Rider</i> Film

Cars are a big deal in Hollywood right now. The Fast and the Furious movies have made an obscene amount of money, so it's no surprise that other studios are trying to get in on the four-wheeled action. Even the Weinstein Company wants a piece of the pie by turning Knight Rider into a big-budget blockbuster.

The Los Angeles Times breaks the news that the Weinsteins scored a screenwriter for the project in Brad Copeland, who has an interesting mix of credits. He's written and produced for television series like Arrested Development, Grounded for Life and The Inbetweeners, but also penned the films Wild Hogs and Yogi Bear.

Knight Rider put the spotlight on Michael Knight, an agent of FLAG who drives around in his talking, heavily armed car KITT in an effort to right wrongs. David Hasselhoff starred as Knight while William Daniels voiced KITT. The series was created by Glen A. Larson, whose TV show Manimal is also being developed for the big screen.

Knight Rider aired from 1982 to 1986, followed nearly a decade later by Team Knight Rider and a complete TV relaunch in 2008 as well as TV movies like Knight Rider 2000 and Knight Rider 2010 and even a mid-'80s spinoff called Code of Vengeance.

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